Fox News thread of fine journalism


I mean, you’re not crazy rich, but if you are making that every year? You don’t generally need to ever worry about money. Not REALLY worry about it. And to me, that’s wealthy.

But along the lines of what you’re saying, it’s a perfectly “acceptable” level of wealthy.

But yeah, folks making over $10M a year? There’s just nothing you can really be doing with that kind of money, beyond making more money through no real action on your own part. Like, there’s nothing you can really be doing to improve your life in any meaningful sense. If you had less money, you wouldn’t even know. Your life would be identical.

If taxing you has no discernible impact on your life, then that taxation is probably fine, in my opinion.

Tax the dude with $250k/yr, and he’ll still be fine, but he’ll notice. He might have to make some trivial sacrifice.

Tax the dude with $10M/yr, and he still has to make ZERO sacrifices.


CNN begs to differ.


Wealthy people find ways for that extra 10 million to matter.

Unsourced, but interesting:


I don’t think it’s until you get into the billion range that you stop finding ways to spend your money. A private jet can be hundreds of millions all in, plus a lot to maintain and actually fly it. Huge yachts are $100 million+. A really nice home in Italy could be $40 million and you might also want homes in NYC, LA, and London if you have that jet.


This may have been a better way of phrasing it, yeah.


The issue is when your wealth reaches a point where most voters consider you an out-group. A lot of people think they might get into the six-figure range. But relatively few think they’re gonna be making seven or eight.


With these huge tax cuts on the middle class, I imagine there’ll be millions of new millionaires soon. Just have to stay optimistic!


Remember that fantasy ‘10% tax cut on the middle class’ that DJT was frothing about before the midterms? I’m sure he’s been working quietly and diligently on that piece of legislation.


Maybe. But he’s also been fending off those Caravans. Busy guy!


In last year’s Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? , Fox News makes an unexpected cameo in a segment about conservative backlash to Rogers’ show, when anchors complained that Rogers’ recurring theme that “everyone is special” was inconsistent with American ideals that hold that people have to earn their value. If Fox News sees this kind of thinking—that “fairness” corrupts children’s brains and kids are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay them—as the happy byproduct of capitalism, maybe they should be less surprised that young people are over it.



“Dana’s Super Bowl Queso Goes Viral”. Well, yes. In the sense that it is clearly infested with viruses.


For a second I thought that bit about Mr. Rogers was parody. I see crap about participation trophies and how weak & soft kids are these days all the time on FB from people I know back in Texas. Mostly from fellow white folks that started out on 1st or 2nd base already with caring middle-to-upper-middle class parents. And now they rail about handouts or immigrants or how things used to be.


That tweet also got replies from Matthew Mercer, Mike Mearls, and Popehat. lol


LOL! Too funny.


I instantly recognized the picture and smiled, but that it made it on Fox is kind of amazing.


This is a great write up. Thanks for sharing!

One of its key points is the 10,000x more comparison. How a $10,000 purchase is like $1 for someone making $400 million vs. $40,000 each year.

But the key thing there is that it equally applies to investment interest. So for someone with a crappy savings account that gets them a couple bucks interest each month on a small amount? Imagine the interest you’d earn on 10,000x the amount

…except you also have the best investors and money people in the world maximizing your returns on top of that.


These are the people effectively creating policy


Second thing to come to mind (the first thing being “Please let him be joking.”):


Ol’ Pete, running around with feces on his hands nonstop for ten years to own the libs. That’s true commitment.