Fox News thread of fine journalism


You remind me of the Mythbusters episode when they researched “fecal matter” and how for it “wandered” from the bathroom. Turned out it was everywhere. Knowing it was on bathroom toothbrushes was something I didn’t need to know.



Fail at your moronic ‘wall’ project, but claim you succeeded. Will work on the rubes, but doubt it will on sophisticates like Ann Coulter…


You can hear the missing exclamation mark.
I wonder if trump tv watchers realize they’ve crossed into dear leader land? Or if they did, would they care?


Most Trump tv viewers are so divorced from the real world they barely exist. BTW, notice the freakishly small hand in that graphic.


Yeah, that baby hand ain’t buildin’ a wall anytime soon, that’s for sure.


He’ll get enough new fencing to stand in front of it and declare victory. It doesn’t have to be true. “Alternative fences” are effective for him.

I’m baffled by his stance on the contractors. Is he really going to spike this legislation over that? Why? I had him pegged as a narcissist, but not an actual masochist. How does that issue make any difference to him or his base?


Well shit, if we could pay Fox News to also run big banner pages proclaiming “Hillary Found Guilty And Jailed”, “Abortion Now Outlawed” and “Liberals Defeated” their entire viewership would crawl back under their rocks and we could sweep 2020 in a landslide.


I was thinking that same thing.

Want a lying headline? Go with god.


“God cool with fucking over the poor”


Can we please send Fox News to the gulags?


It’s a bit odd, because it’s not his money and he doesn’t care about spending. The only thing I can think is he either has a natural antipathy towards contractors, since he often tries to stiff them, or he thinks they are Democrats and this is sticking it to the Dems and his base will lap it up.


Pretty dumb move. There were 800,000 feds out of work due to the shutdown, but I wager there were about half a million contractors. If he scotches the agreement due to this, the news is just going to start showing non-stop sob-stories from janitors and people like Scuzz (or me!) who do contract work and went without pay for a month.


Maybe contractor backpay would be viewed as a government handout by his base and we just can’t have that. Maybe he thinks the contractors are actual canine coyotes and will use that backpay money to snatch little GOP babies in the night. Who knows? Guy’s nuts.


The stupid is so strong with Trump it has to be eroding the support of his voters. How many tens of thousands of votes will he lose with conservative-leaning contractors now that he wants to stiff them? They have spouses and relatives and friends who may be influenced by this too.


Unlike the billions he’s handing out to farmer to cover for his tariffs.



They know their viewers…



It was just a misunderstanding, his excellence meant not appropriate for our HEIR.