Game Awards 2020

I thought of reviving an older thread, but it looks like the last thread we had on the Game Awards was in 2018.

Previous threads:
Game Awards 2018
Game Awards 2016
Game Awards 2014.

As you can see, there’s a clear pattern here. Here at Qt3 we like to make a game awards thread every 2 years, so I shall continue that tradition.

Here’s the website:

But that website is really image heavy and slow to load for me, so I prefer this wiki page to see the nominees:

And of course, we expect trailers and announcements. The first and only time I’ve seen the Game Awards was back in 2018, and found myself surprised by it being enjoyable and well put-together. It was kind of nice seeing both fans and developers get excited about stuff. I’m guessing this year we’ll see a lot of zoom calls to developers’ and fans’ homes, since we’re still in a pandemic.

Looking forward to tomorrow night!

I’ll skip it. Too much time will be spent on award-winning Playstation games and I don’t play those.

I’ll watch the re-cap , I only had time to play maybe a dozen new games this year.

Looking through the nominations, you might be right. But I also think Hades could win a lot of awards tomorrow night. I was struck by how many categories they’re nominated in.

But not as many as Last of Us II.

I really need to go back and try Hades again. And maybe Spiritfarer.

Yeah that list is uninteresting to me. Sony exclusives, VR, a ton of GaaS games, and meme games.

Played both, both are good.

Neither is my Game of the Year. But they are both in my Top 10 for this year.

Heads up. This starts in a few minutes.

She is way too old to have that Natalie Dormer haircut.

Loop Hero looks solid. Ordered a physical copy.

You’re better than that.

How dare you. No I’m not.

It’s weird how they give out all these awards in the pre-show.

Sea of Solitude 2 could be called Sea of Soli2de.

I didn’t know Chuckie Cheese went Bankrupt.

Hearthstone is the opposite of this category: Best Community Support.

I think I have access to Fall Guys because of PS+. I should try that game.

Everybody that plays it seems to love it.

Huntdown should have been up for best debut IMO, certainly a better game than Carrion.