The Game Awards 2018

Apparently no one has cared about this since 2015. That’s fine. I understand.


There will be a live performance of the new song from DMC5, Devil Trigger. Because of this, they will surely have a trailer for the mysterious third character, V.

Hideki Kamiya is also in LA according to an Instagram post. Reggie Fils-Aime teased Bayonetta 3 last year at this show, so they might show something with that game too.

Of course, it’s possible that neither of these things happen. And the rest of the show will probably be an awkward disaster. So take that as a warning!

I am so fucking happy that my current situation lets me ignore whatever…this…is. Entirely.

The presenter list is nuts:

Christoph Waltz
The Russo Brothers
The Duffer Brothers
Pepe the Prawn
Shawn Layden
Phil Spencer
Aisha Tyler
Josef Fares

Aisha Tyler did a voice on a show I like.

I literally have no idea who any of the other people are other than Phil Spencer, who was some bean counter dude for Microsoft Xbox. Whee!

FYI : Date: Thu, Dec 6 • 8:30 PM EST

Which video games awards is this?

Why is this guy even at this show?

You’re the guy that hypes up tired DLC releases for dead games, and all you’re giving me here in this thread is an FYI about the start time?

I thought you’d have my back on this one.

Anyway, I’ll probably miss most of it because I have to pick my wife up from the airport around then. I just made a hype thread and I’m not even going to watch. Suckers!


edit: 1M+ twitter followers. I guess he is well known for something?

edit edit: Oh a musician. Ok.


I will just watch a recap of it condensed into 15 minutes.

I had to look him up too, which is somehow even more fitting.

Rivers Cuomo is about the only thing on this page that I have heard of.

I’ve never heard that name, but I just googled it, and he’s the lead singer of Weezer. Come on, we’ve all heard of Weezer.

I’ve never seen one of these shows, but I do like the fact that there’s usually an accompanying sale on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live. And maybe this year Nintendo store? I don’t own any of their systems, so I’m out of the loop on Nintendo for the last two generations (WiiU and Switch).

But anyway, yay, game sales! I hope we see some deep discounts.

Oh wait this is 8:30 ET not PT like I assumed. Now I guess I have to watch it.

Obsidian is supposed to have an announcement on the show - if someone spots it please give us the tldr, because I certainly plan on skipping this.

I think Pepe the Prawn is a Muppet. The only other name I recognize is Phil Spencer. I guess I fail at being a true gamer.

I know few on the list, but come on. Nobody recognizes Christopher Waltz?

Or the Russo Brothers? Though I have no idea why they would be presenting a games anything, but, yeah…

No idea who Pepe, Pokemane and Ninja are, but the rest is pretty good.
Duffers did stranger things which I like, Russos did Avengers which are ok, I guess Squeenix will finally announce the game.

I am looking forward to Obsidian game and I hope Rockstar wins everything because RDR2 is so fucking good it should.

I read that as Phil Spector, which would be enough to get me to watch this. Other than Christoph Waltz, everyone is a mystery to me.

Now get the hell of my lawn before I call the cops.