Game box art challenge?


Stunt Island


Nope to both! Sorry for the delay.


I assume you’re not “cheating” and showing us the back of a box? (looks like Infocom to me…)


No, this is definitely the front!


Floor 13?




Nope to both.




Nope; third frame early, since I took so long between first and second.




Missing Since January


Getting warmer!


Hopefully last frame -




I have seen that box in person, but I can’t remember the name.


Ditto. And it’s getting to me like when you can’t remember a name for a face.

Edit: Found it. Don’t remember it as well as I thought. I think I just saw it on a store shelf.


Shit, I guess I lose. Meaning I’ll have to dig up another box.

Here’s the full cover:

@Vesper - you were very close. This was the sequel to that game, which is probably what you were trying to actually guess with your post. The naming on this series is all kinds of messed up depending on region, which game it was, etc.

My wife and I played through this one together. It was fun. Of course, I don’t think you could make this type of game easily anymore; search engines are too powerful, and you’d just be spoilered with every search you had to do. When this one came out, if you played near enough to release, you got a fairly pristine experience.


So it’s called… The Last Ritual? Or Evidence The Last Ritual? That’s one strange cover!


Evidence: The Last Ritual. Or In Memoriam 2, or In Memoriam: The Last Ritual. Totally depends on where you were. It’s a sequel to In Memoriam. Or Missing: Since January. Like I said, the naming was quite confusing, apparently. :)


Just add :The Reckoning: Redemption: Book IV and it all makes sense.