Game box art challenge?


Ha! Sorry, I did almost let you have it for being close enough, but must have been in a cruel mood.

I tried playing the Sentinel a few times, but I just could not get my head around what tactics I was meant to be using, maybe I was too young. Annoying, as it was so well reviewed, I felt I was missing out.


You were too young. I was too young and didn’t get it at the time either.
When I discovered it again a few years ago, I got crazy addicted to it. There is a nifty remake called Zenith with better controls.


I’ve always meant to give Sentinel a proper try at some point. I get the feeling it’s one of those games that stands outside the usual rumble of genre progression and technology.


Thank you, I will have to give that a try!

Next up:


The Pawn?


Proper linkage for Zenith:

This cover evokes a game book to me for some reason. Lone Wolf?


Thanks! No correct guesses yet:


Zelda Wind Waker?


No, next:


Postbote Pat?





Deponia Doomsday?


Yoku’s Island Express!


Correct! I just chose the last game I finished, which was this really nice pinball-based metroidvania game.


Great game. Great cover art, too.

Okay, here’s a new one. It’ll go quick, I bet:




Red Dead Redemption?


Neither of those!