Game box art challenge?


The Quest Begins!


Well, that’s the subtitle, not the title, but I’ll give it to you anyway! :P


Mmm, good stuff. Young Casey could never quite get anywhere in it, I wonder if adult Casey would fare better.


Heh, I only meant to give a further hint, didn’t want to ruin the fun so quickly. Sorry about that. I’ll get a new one out tomorrow when I get to my laptop.


That’s what happens when you try to get cute!


LOL, yup!



This is one of those where if I do much more revealing it’ll be insta-solved… Here goes:


Brütal Legend


Yep, and bonus points for the umlaut!

While the game could be a little clunky at times and maybe the RTS battles weren’t everyone’s cup of tea I adored this game. The amazing Heavy Metal world, the lore, the music – what a great soundtrack – the performances, the very distinct factions, you name it. An obvious labor of love and, given the licensing involved, a miracle it was made.


@CraigM poke (if you can’t do it let us know, we can find another).


Yeah, sorry. Winter storm knocked out power today so I’ve not had a computer. Will get it up in the morning.


Bump? :)


@CraigM hope all is well and winter is being a bit less harsh. Do you think you are up for a round or want one of us to do it?


hey all, super sorry. New baby and potty training 2 year old has…

Anyhow here is the new box


Shogun: Total War?


The opening sequence of Link’s Awakening?
Edit: Ah a box, nevermind.


Fool’s Errand?


None of the above