Game box art challenge?

I see what you are thinking, but neither is correct.

One guess was previously relatively close.

I think I know what my next guess is gonna be.

Curious to hear it…

The Pandora Directive?

Close Combat 2 A bridge too far?

Well done! Kinda surprised this took as long to be honest.

Was that your ‘next guess’ or did the latest image change your thought?

1- How do you guys even remember the box cover of games you played 5,10 or 25 years ago?
2- How the heck do you match the bespeckled image to the box?


This is literally what I do.

That wasn’t me, that was @anymunym ;)

In this particular case, I had that manual with me for my whole time servicing the military, hoping it would help me XD

That being said, I personally hate the mosaics: really can’t see a thing. Also I prefer when the game is focused on remembering details from boxes we were drooling over whence we couldn’t afford all the games we wanted - well, at least that was my case.
Speaking of which, back to black-boxing!

For Pool of Radiance, it was entirely due to the shade of gold it happened to be. And that was the only goldbox game that was predominantly “black” on the interior image (Azure Bonds having more blues/purples, etc.).

Mass Effect?


Yep, that would have been my next guess as well.

As for the new one: Star Ocean?

I’m terrible at the crystallise thing. The CC2 box is burned into my brain, but like every other crystal one I an only ‘see’ it (even with squinting) after I know what it is. Most of the time I just see giant pandas or owls etc. It’s kind of like looking at clouds.

As for this box:

age of empires 2: age of kings


1- I have clear images of my favorites that will always be in my head.
2- I can’t. But it’s fun to try and throw out a guess once in a while.
I haven’t gotten a single one correct yet, and it is amazing that these guys can do it.

It looks dreamcasty.
Sonic 5?

Keeps silent as he tends to give too much hints

Space Crusade