Game box art challenge?

Nope. A decade or so after this game.


Ys: Challenged Ankles of Babel

Sounds legit. Sadly it isn’t it.


Conker’s Bad Hair Day

I was going to say I haven’t played this one, but then I realized I did. Azure Dreams

Yup! This is probably first exposure of the roguelike genre for the western console audience. This and the Dragon Quest spinoff.

It’s amazing how much better that looks when you block out the ugly Playstation lettering.

It does. Here’s an easy one:

Maximum Carnage?

No, but I was listening to the theme from that earlier.

I’d play but I have no clue what two-thirds of these are even after fully revealed :\

(although I would have gotten Tecmo Secret of the Stars, for being featured in a 1998 Gaming Intelligence Agency article on worst game box art)

It’s because they are all posting UK covers nobody ever saw!

I’ll guess Let’s doodle with Spiderman.

Hey, now, I post SSI covers that nobody ever saw!

Most of us don’t know them either. :)

It’s not Let’s doodle with Spiderman. Sorry!

The unreleased Spiderman meets Johnny Quest crossover?

State of Decay?

No sirs.

Revenge of Shinobi???

May I say good pick? Good pick!

Green Beret?