Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghosts say no to drugs


This is how far I got into the beta before opting out.

NOtice that Rainbow Siege Six has a free weekend at the same time as the GR Beta is ongoing.


Yeah, we discussed EasyAntiCheat in the Watch Dogs 2 thread. I guess it’s what Ubisoft is using for their co-op games now. It’s garbage. Disconnects all the time.


It’s amazing any kid just starting to play games could pick something like this up and have this level of technology be their baseline. In my day pacman was like science fiction.


Anyone have any beta keys???

Thanks in advance if so!


I have three invitations. Who wants one? Put your UPlay name.

Personally I think it’s a bland-ass game. Mediocre AI, action/stealth gameplay that play exactly like a dozen of games out there, repetitive side tasks all over the map, same as collecting resources, it’s a Ubisoft game through and through in that regard. Most missions are forgettable, and lots of them don’t really use the fact you are playing a in big scenario, they feel like mini games placed on the map (exception, when the lieutenant run away in a car).

Notice that more than calling it ‘bad’, I’m calling it bland. It’s the equivalent of comfort food, you can play it and obtain some entertainment, some distraction for one hour or two, even more with other people, but I wouldn’t call it a good game.


I would love an invite if you don’t mind! My uplay name is sether01


Accept the friend request.


I’ve added you. Thanks for doing this, I appreciate it :)


Thanks Turin, appreciate it a lot!


That is pretty much exactly what could be expected.

Btw is it possible to play this completely solo, without the AI buddies? Or select how many to take with ?


No, you always have the AI buddies. But they are pretty unobtrusive, you really play the game as if you were playing solo. They teleport to be near you, they can’t die permanently, they stay on your back, and only fire if you are already discovered so they don’t break your stealth, etc.
And always can give them an order of ‘stay here’.


Setting reminds me of the less built up areas in Dying Light.


Yup. It’s a good decision. They’re there if you need them, but you can ignore them if you want.

Every studio seems to love drone spotting in their games now!


I would love one if it’s still available. Name: crumbk


Beta participants can invite three Uplay friends. So watch for invites.


Accepted the friend request, Alistair. Thanks!


I’m playing the beta of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and there a drone, too!

In fact the game is incredible derivative, heavily inspired by Ubisoft titles and other games. There is:
-tagging enemies
-drone that allows you to tag them, too
-takedowns (normal, chain takedowns,from above)
-looting corpses for money and crafting materials
-crafting, of course
-skill tree divided in three areas
-interrogate enemies, like in GRW and MGS5
-a map with the same exact icons for fast travel and enemy outposts

It’s like playing a Far Cry 3 a bit more realistic and more focused on sniping!


Read some extra impressions and apparently it resembles The Ubisoft Game a lot.

I think it has potential to be more interesting than FarCrys, kinda. The sniping is cool and the georgian setting seems more interesting/atmospheric, almost STALKERish in nature. I am curious about the full game, more than about Wildlands.


Thanks Alistair! Can’t believe I downloaded 22GB so damn fast.

I will say, the character creator is literally a million times better than The Division. That game pissed me off to no end. Played the beta and all you could do was create ugly characters. “Oh, this is just the beta. The full game will have more options.”



Wow, this is an incredibly gorgeous game. Seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen. I have to stop and take screenshots all of the time because it feels like I’m in a jungle. Incredible textures and lighting effects and world detail.

That said, it’s also insanely buggy. Like, my teammates don’t actually enter vehicles I’m in, but rather constantly warp in and out of them the entire way. Or the rotors on the helicopter blades don’t spin. Shit like that. This game is a month out? Worry. This game should not be anywhere near this state.

The vehicle handling is also looser than a gambler’s wallet in Vegas. It’s almost impossible to drive without slamming into things.

This is also most definitely a game that has to be played co-op. Single-player would be so soulless with AI teammates. I joined an adhoc team and even though no one used mics, I do like how the game will provide voice queues from your teammates, as if they were talking to you. That said, definitely need mics for shit like this…