Giveaway thread!


That is a wonderful gift but as I told [quote=“CraigM, post:2360, topic:69931, full:true”]
I knew it! Santa is indeed Canadian.

In the spirit of our most generous @marquac, I would like to offer one of my favorite games. So I know that one of you received Unity of Command.

So @Madmarcus or anyone else who has only the base game of Unity of Command? we will rectify that. Because Red Turn and Black Turn are fantastic scenarios for one of my 5 favorite strategy games ever.

Or, if you don’t have it at all? Don’t be shy! I will offer a limited* supply of keys. It’s only right :)

*ill tell you the limit when I hit it

Thank you. However, as I told Marquac, I bought Unity of Command and both DLC at Thanksgiving and just had a poor memory.


Holy crap, @marquac, thanks! Friend request sent.


Woah, that’s absolutely amazing Marquac. I’ll shoot you a friend request next time I’m in steam, but no rush.


They gave out a free Steam key for Deep Dungeons of Doom on Bundle Star the other day. Anyone want it?


No problems! I’ve had one person take me up so far, but I’d love to share with others. How about you @Strollen? I know that in the Civ IV thread you mentioned only having the base game. I’d be more than happy to rectify that :)


That’s extremely generous of you, @marquac! I’ll send you a PM with my Steam profile link right away!


I was going to offer it myself, but after reading up on it I figured I’d do everyone here a favor and just throw it away :)


I got the whole game a couple of thanks ago, but thank you for generous offer.


Ooo cheers @CraigM, I wouldn’t mind those two Unity of Command DLC, for some reason it appears I never got them! :)


Could I humbly throw a request to @marquac for Minion Masters?

And @CraigM, I’ll take you up on the Unity of Command DLC. I just started to figure the game out, so I’m slowly but surely making my way through the campaign.


I still have a Steam gift for it. Would you like it?


Sure! I think it looks like a fun little game.

EDIT: Many thanks!


I’ll hit you up tonight! Both Red and Black Turn?


You’re spreading a great game Craig. I loved the base UoC and own the DLC but I haven’t played them yet.


Yes please! Thank you!


Hey everyone, I took advantage of the Bundlestars Batman bundle, despite already owning Arkham Asylum. So if anyone wants a copy of Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Edition, shoot me a note and let me know.


Thanks @CraigM for the Unity of Command DLC’s. I’m excited to dig into them!


I have a Steam key to give away for Lifeless. Please @ me in this thread if you’re interested.


This holiday, I have some Steam keys I’d like to give away to a good home. PM me if you’re interested, and have been a member of Qt3 for at least a year, with, say, 100+ posts.

Dead Space
Planet of the Eyes
Random Access Murder
Town of Salem
GONE The Jackbox Party Pack 2
GONE Sheltered


Steam Keys for anyone that wants them with over 1 year here on the boards and over 10 posts.
Runespell: Overture
Frozen Synapse Prime