Giveaway thread!


I had to seek info
I could not recall hiaku
and so now I know


five syllables here
seven more syllables here
five syllables here


that’s a clever one
probably tough to top it
so why even try


Okay, now villanelles. I will accept a pantoum.


Look what you’ve done, @sillhouette - look what you’ve done.


That should be:

Look at what you’ve done
sillhouette - you son of a
Look at what you’ve done


Giveaway thread! spawn
Many awful haiku, but
More fun than Daikatana


I am thankful that
Sillhouette wanted haiku
And not a sonnet


Thread takeovers lead
Usually to shitposts
But not this time though


A serious man
And an inedible flan
Drove off in a van


The fall is coming
But not of this forum board
I will leave that here


Once there were free games
Many lurkers claimed with no
Now nothing but words

Fixed , cuz @scharmers called me a bitch. :(


There was a shopping mall
Now it’s all covered with flowers
You got it, you got it


9 syllables



Thread blow up, many posts
Wonder, new Humble Bundle?
Just funny people


Should we make a thread
Just for haiku poetry?
These could be moved there


No new thread, I think.
So we can say, “Remember
that day of haiku?”


As you wish, Sad Brad
The haiku shall stay right here
Is haiku plural?


Bought me a soda
And he tried to molest me
In the parking lot

My top two movies
Logan and Atomic Blonde
Valerian sucked


Birthday haiku

Now gimme gimme gimme ;-)