Giveaway thread!


It’s yours!


I was about to ask about Verdun, but it isn’t the game I thought it was: I was thinking of that weird Ubisoft published platformer, whose name is infuratingly escaping me!


Valiant Hearts: The Great War is that platformer, I believe.


Thank you!

As a reward, and because I was gifted it by a generous individual of this board to begin with, I have a Cryptark humble gift link*. PM me with the number of hours you intend to consacrate dedicate on this week-end to clear your first Cryptark. No pressure.

Also got a similar link for Apotheon, but who really cares about that.

*because Humble spies on my library and won’t let me simply give away the key, sheesh


Fallout is FREE!

FREE until September 30th at 11:59PM Pacific Time


Hmm…is tactics any good?


I liked it at the time, but it has a lot of QoL issues.

Anyway, I think it’s only Fallout 1 that’s free.


Yeah I linked to Fallout 1, but it default to the collection.


I think Steam doesn’t let you add free stuff to your cart from external site, naughty!

(also, technically, this is the giveaway and haiku thread, not the free shit one)


Don’t beat a dead horse
We had hoped haiku were done
Apparently not


Fallout was the best
Fucking game I ever played
Except for Wasteland


It may be the best
But now that it is all free
can’t gift to Hazy.


Time for this to stop
Nothing is worth it, you know
Not even a game.


We all love haiku,
You can not stop this hype train,
Deal with it, get stuff.


I liked it a lot
Most others did not like it
They were very wrong


Free Fallouts for you!
Everything seems ok but
Bowie is still dead :(


post withdrawn, will be
deleted in 24
hours unless flagged


It is good
I wish we had likes
To express


Once upon a time
We had likes. But you blackguards
Demurred; you go girls


Does Discourse haiku
No, lack of parentheses
A dead giveaway