Giveaway thread!

I’ve now gotten Observer for free twice. Still never played it.

Q.U.B.E 2 and Layers Of Fear Masterpiece Edition are free on Epic Game Store:

I actually played all the way through Qube 2 a while back. A pretty decent puzzler.

Good to hear it! I finished QUBE1 last year, was ok, but not great.

QUBE2 was supposed to have a better story, did you like that aspect of it?

I checked and you never posted in the thread I made. :(

Sorry man! I think I was more into it for the puzzles than the story.

Was it better than the story in Tetris? Man I loved that game for its modern approach to storytelling!

Minimalism never goes out of style.

Monsters Den Godfall steam key

Arma 2

Thanks @Kadath!

Welcome! Did you redeem em both or just one?

Just Arma 2. Sorry for not specifying.

Costume Quest and SOMA are free on Epic Game Store:

Spare copy of Tower 57 if anyone wants. Be a forum member for at least 1 year.

The Messenger is free for a limited time on Epic Game Store:

Mucked up clicking on my Humble Monthly.

Have a free copy of:

Soulcaliber VI
Yakuza Kiwami
My Time at Portia

Just be an actual Qt3 poster with a history and first to PM for something gets it. One per person, please.

Edit: All gone, have fun, ya filthy animals.

Free to keep forever. I think it only contains a Soviet campaign which is remembered for being meh but on a positive side it enraged modern Russians by making them the real villains of WW2.

Speaking of free stuff, Crusader Kings II’s Sword of Islam DLC is free this weekend on Steam due to the next CK2 Monarchy’s Journey (Ruler Challenge) event, in the lead up to CK3, being an Islamic character. Which apparently has the forum embed confused, it shows the price correctly in the post\edit preview but not in the actual post.

I have for giveaway, a steam key for Neon Chrome.

For Pre-Thanksgiving, just reply to this with a few lines about something you are truly thankful for, and you can have a Neon Chrome key for free. You will also have to take another game key of my choice for free.

I won’t get into yet another abusive relationship!