Giveaway thread!

I’ve now gotten Observer for free twice. Still never played it.

Q.U.B.E 2 and Layers Of Fear Masterpiece Edition are free on Epic Game Store:

I actually played all the way through Qube 2 a while back. A pretty decent puzzler.

Good to hear it! I finished QUBE1 last year, was ok, but not great.

QUBE2 was supposed to have a better story, did you like that aspect of it?

I checked and you never posted in the thread I made. :(

Sorry man! I think I was more into it for the puzzles than the story.

Was it better than the story in Tetris? Man I loved that game for its modern approach to storytelling!

Minimalism never goes out of style.

Monsters Den Godfall steam key

Arma 2

Thanks @Kadath!

Welcome! Did you redeem em both or just one?

Just Arma 2. Sorry for not specifying.

Costume Quest and SOMA are free on Epic Game Store:

Spare copy of Tower 57 if anyone wants. Be a forum member for at least 1 year.

The Messenger is free for a limited time on Epic Game Store: