Giveaway thread!

Thank you Papageno!

You’re very welcome.

I have some Steam keys up for grabs to regular forum participators. PM me if interested.

Project Winter gone
Farmer’s Dynasty

Thanks for that Mafia!

You’re welcome!

Hi, anyone want this one? It’s an MP-only game, apparently, one of those with the Among Us thing where one of the group is a traitor yadda yadda. It’s from the current Humble Choice/Classic and the last one left after I and then my nephew had our picks-- he even went for the weird farming sim, go figure. Please PM me.

Project Winter

This is on GamePass now as well. Do you know if it needs all people to own it or just 1 copy?

No idea about that, sorry. My nephew seemed to think that it did* but that might have just been his assumption.

BTW, one of those that looks pretty fun and I’ve seen played that is FtP is Unfortunate Spaceman.

*he cited it as the reason he didn’t want it.

I’ve got an extra Fallen Order key. If you’ve posted before and aren’t a bot, feel free to PM me.

I have a Stellaris key up for grabs, for GOG.
Then again, you may also have one if you have Amazon Prime.

Yup, was just coming to post that. Stellaris free with Amazon Prime

Interesting, when did Paradox decide to move its games onto GOG? For awhile there you could only get them on Steam, and I remember that because they basically forced me to convert my Gamersgate copy of CK2 into a Steam copy if I wanted to be able to keep updating it. I’m still kinda pissed about that.

When they decided to have their own infrastructure for multiplayer instead of relying solely on Steamworks, they also decided to thus bring back some of their games to GOG. Which is a good thing in my book. And yeah, I remember the CK2 thing and I’m still kind of pissed about that, as well, but there are many other reasons to be pissed at Paradox.

I see. I never play them MP so that was a transparent change to me.

Oh absolutely. It’s just a little frustrating, since that’s where I’d have been buying them (and all their DLC) all along and obviously switching existing games now would be prohibitively pricey.

They still develop some of my absolute favorite strategy games, but they also drive me a little crazy. :)

Really useful DLC guide for Stellaris:

On that note, GOG now has some heavily discounted bundles with Stellaris DLC:

Probably related to the Stellaris GOG code (with the base game only) given to Prime subscribers. ;)

Hmm, seems like the Expansions Pack for $24.99 might be the best bang for the buck.

I’m in half full mode right now, but could this mean you hold a version old enough to be true to the original design ; ie an historical family drama generator, like the first game, before the surrealistic expansions into Eastern and Northern cultures? Would they still allow one to grab that version if you buy it there now?
I long for that early ck2 game: i loved it, despite its obtuseness.

I have Prime but I have no idea how to claim this.

scroll down and you’ll see a row ‘Games, Free With Prime’, just like you would with EGS