Giveaway thread!

I remember this always crashed on me when I tried its demo, but maybe I need to give it another go :)

Give the patched version another try! :)

I would love to see a remake. Such a game would be called an action-adventure nowadays, I guess, because everything has RPG mechanics. Same game, proper tech, some forced-pragmatism replaced by real solutions … a dream. Won’t happen, unfortunately. Deck 13 would love to make a sequel, but there are problems with the rights.

Thanks! I really enjoyed Lords of the Fallen and what I’ve played of the Surge series.

While I was at Gog, I noticed they have a sale on, and they have the Spore Collection! Now, I bought Spore on Day One, but I’ve always been curious about using Spore to make the ARPG Dark Spore. But it turns out Dark Spore is not part of the “Spore Collection”, so phooey.

Venetica was Deck 13’s first step from Point&Click adventures into the RPG genre. Don’t expect the heaviness of a souls-like. It feels very mainstream and comfortable - and I mean this in a positve way.
Of course I’m not sure how the graphics hold up. My last run was maybe 8 years ago.

I read somewhere that it had a budget of only 1M EUR plus change … and came in under budget. It was basically their proof for mid-tier international publishers that they can get stuff done in good quality for reasonable budget. Then Lords of the Fallen opened the doors to every publisher except the few global players.

ARK: Survival Evolved currently free on Steam (along with a bunch of DLC).

Originally signed up for the Humble Monthly just for this game, just to find it runs… poorly… on my machine (and many others apparently). So haven’t played for years and years. But free DLC? Of course, gotta grab that!

“Ready to install. Space Required: 307GB”


Is this any good if you are going to play solo trying your best not to interact with any other humans?

Holy shit it needs 188 gb.

Thanks for the heads-up, abidingdude.

This five month old video may be of interest to you:

Play it streaming, through Gamepass - then it needs 0 GB.

Is there anyway to install just the original game? Steam lists it as 60g.

You should turn off all DLC you aren’t currently using. They are just maps and contribute nothing unless you are playing on those maps. They’re pretty huge.

Scroll down on the Steam launcher page to find a DLC section on the right side with a button to “Manage My # DLC”

It’s still twice 60GB though.

Well that makes more sense. I knew there was no way anything outside of COD or whatever should be taking up 300+ GB

Thanks for the recommendation. I would have grabbed it due to being free, but I may not have ever tried it without this recommendation. I really enjoyed the game. It is an older game, but held up fairly well. I do wish it had a better fast travel system. If anyone else decides to pick it up a few tips:

  • Controller support is good.
  • I suggest not going higher than 1920 x 1080 for resolution
  • There is an overhead map ( Y on the controller). I’m embarrassed how long it took me to discover this
  • Game crashed a few times, but the game auto saves during area transitions. The continue option doesn’t necessarily pick the auto save, so if this happens, you may want to manually pick the auto save. Also, there is only 1 auto save slot.
  • Speaking of crashes, there is 1 crash that is not random. The game will always crash if you try to talk to a particular NPC in a certain area. Thankfully you have just entered a building before this conversation so you can load the auto save and not talk to the NPC.
  • Some area transitions turn your character around, and if you aren’t careful you will go back the way you came.
  • There is an option in the settings to have quickslots for each weapon instead of shared across weapons. It is not enabled by default, but I found it useful to use.

I’m glad you enjoyed Venetica.
IIRC the game had both save-everywhere and quick save/load on the F5… buttons. It’s actually the oldest game I remember which has two independent sets of quick save & quickload buttons. Now that you mention it I think I ran into the same crash a decade ago. So while the game is generally stable it might be a good idea to make generous use of the save options.

Epic Store freebies this week are:
Game of Thrones the Boardgame - this is a very nice adaptation of the excellent Fantasy Flight boardgame.
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Experience the fun and excitement of charging $200 to replace a $15 air filter!

Coming Thursday, Iratus : Lord of the Dead and Geneforge 1-Mutagen (a remastered edition of the Spiderweb classic)

Oh nice my patience is rewarded.

Anyone want Superhot: Mind Control Delete?

PM me.

Ancient Enemy and Killing Floor 2 are the Epic Store freebies this week. I’m thinking anyone who wanted Killing Floor 2 likely already owns it, as it’s been in lots of bundles over the past couple of years. Ancient Enemy though is a pretty decent strategy card RPG that’s worth a look, especially for $0.