Giveaway thread!

Isn’t it also accessible through the Twitch web page? I mean, I’m always logged into my Amazon account there.

I don’t remember this being mentioned upthread, but Tell Me Why is free for the remainder of Pride Month (i.e. today):

Life is Strange studio. I’ll take it.

I have a steam key for this text-base RPG.

Just PM me and be an active member of the community.


Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 has been added to the Amazon Prime Gaming giveaways in honor of Prime Day.

Cave Story+ is free on Epic.


King’s Bounty The Legend is free on GOG.

Not the best game in the series but still fun.

Oh wow, I never got all that far in that (and it really taxed my PC at the time for some reason, maybe it was poorly optimized), but I was enjoying it a lot and then just hit this battle where the difficulty went sky-high vs. all previous battles and I couldn’t figure out a strategy to continue.

This is a SRPG so while it might look like it has optional content it really doesn’t. You are supposed to swipe every map clean. It also helps to evade enemies for as long as you can gathering boosts and bonuses so that you fight them with an overwhelming force and don’t have losses, because losses cost you and most units are finite. I can understand you might look at this goofy and lighthearted game and think it’s casual fun but it’s really not. I can also imagine this might feel like a grind, but there are so many units and their combinations, and you constantly get new units and abilities so to me it never feels like you’re going through the motions.

Helium Rain is free on Steam and GOG… permanently. The studio is shutting down and the developer decided to make the game free to play and open its source code, too.

I played it back in the day and I liked it? It’s kind of a hard sci-fi “Egosoft X series” lite.

SRPG? I get the RPG part, the S not so much. Does it stand for “Soviet” (well after the demise of the USSR)?

As I recall everything had been going fine and most battles hadn’t been a challenge at all, and I really had only one way to go on the map to continue the story, and suddenly it was a huge difficulty spike, way more than anything in HoMM.

Strategy RPG, sometimes also called Tactical RPG (TRPG), I believe.

Ah, thanks, so an HoMM-like.

Very much so, though KB is more focused and more “RPG”-ish than HoMM was. You’re mostly interested in one single stack, there’s no real city management, etc.

It’s a great game, or at least I remember it being great when I played it back in the day. It had some difficulty spikes but it was overall really enjoyable. And if you like silly humor, you’re in for an even bigger treat.

Exactly the other way around, in that the original King’s Bounty predates Heroes of Might and Magic and partly inspired it.

Dude, next you’ll say Warhammer 40k wasn’t inspired by Starcraft, and Rogue wasn’t inspired by Diablo! :D

Of course, now that you remind me. I actually owned the original King’s Bounty by New World Computing on the Mac way back in '92 or so, but never got very far in it, and I guess I must have sold it on or maybe it’s in a long-forgotten box somewhere.

I played the Sega Genesis version of that thing obsessively - got to the point where I could not only beat it, but do so in a single session. Something about it really scratched an itch - I think it was one of the first tactical games I ever stumbled across.

No, S only means Soviet in SFPS, like Stalker or Metro or Atomic Heart!

Anyway IIRC KB The Legend doesn’t have a lot of QoL features and doesn’t even has proper wide-screen support. Any later game in the series is much more playable, maybe you own some of them from bundles or elsewhere, they are often sold for a buck or something. Don’t try Armored Princess though, Crossworlds is the same game but updated, it really is Armored Princess Enhanced Edition but named confusingly.

And yes, they might get hard.