Giveaway thread!

There’s an even older forum than this one?

LOL, text was copied from the other forum.

I yoinked Wingspan. Thanks very much! @DarthMasta!

I grabbed Endless Space 2. Thank you, Mr. Masta!

I thank you on behalf of whoever grabbed Hellblade.
And I curse them on my own behalf :E

Swords of Ditto & Nex Machina are both used. Thanks anyways!

Pathway is gone, sadly I now have no nazi’s to punch in the face.

PM me if you want Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game (1997) on Steam.

Like finding the waterchip, there is a deadline!


I have Steam Keys for Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Xcom2 if anyone out there wants them. PM for the code.

Edit: Both GONE!

Any Outward-heads looking for a copy of the Three Brothers expansion? That’s the one that gets you upgraded to the Definitive Edition of Outward, for what it’s worth. PM me for code

Edit: Taken

Thanks for the Outward DLC SweetJP.

Any regulars here want a Steam key for Barrier X? It’s worth a whopping 59 cents!

Don’t forget to grab your free Epic games this week, The Silent Age and Tunche. I don’t know if they’re any good, but I know they’re free!

And for those that don’t have it yet, like me, Dying Light is Epic’s giveaway game next week.