Giveaway thread!

Ah, the unforgettable soundtrack of the Sega powered version!

King’s Bounty and Might & Magic 2 had some of the wackiest sound programming ever heard ;D

I know it was catchy and constantly stuck in my head but I’m having a hard time bringing it to mind. The thing from that era that’s most unshakable for me is the Shining in the Darkness soundtrack, which was just fantastic.

I’m assuming you weren’t already in your 30s at the time, as I was. ;-)

Indeed. :) My point was supposed to be I don’t have the perspective to say whether it was actually a good game or not, since it was the first game like that I ran across so of course I was preoccupied by it.

I wish now that I had dedicated more time to it. I think what happened was that I had been obsessed with the first Might & Magic CRPG back in '89 and well into 1990, and I knew it was by the same devs and/or publisher, so I figured it would be a similar experience, and I didn’t quite grok it when it wasn’t. I remember finding it interesting, though, and for the time, pretty. It was one of the first Mac games I played in color on the Mac (can’t remember if 4- or 8-bit color), as I’d upgraded my Mac SE to an SE /30 the winter before. Probably got distracted by the first Starflight game.

Here’s a Let’s Play of it (DOS)!:

Anyway I really got into HoMM 3 on my first Windows machine in 1999. Hoping Songs of Conquest scratches that itch now.

Who can blame you? That thing ate my life for a good while.

I just found out this point and click is free!

Also this visual novel:

Oh nice. 1920’s Adventure on a train…The Last Express vibes!

…and is AMAZING. I had it on my top games of the year in 2021. Some top-notch pixel art and animation and a weird but compelling set of stories.

Not a lot of it takes place on the train, unfortunately. It’s like the book-end setting for all the stories. But give it a try anyway!

There is this, much more silly, train-mystery coming sometime soon apparently.)

I bought the $1 version of the Herocraft Bundle on Humble Store to get the Warhammer 40K : Space Wolf DLC I was missing, and I have the base game and several DLC I already owned leftover.

YOU MUST CLAIM THE KEYS BY OCTOBER 12th, as that is when Steam is delisting the game.

  • Space Wolf Base Game - #H4JB-Z#R9Q-#PF9K (replace the three # symbols with the number 5)

  • Wrath of the Damned DLC - $RQRY-TACC7-3DY$X (replace the two $ symbols with the number 6)

  • Drenn Redblade DLC - @6LPY-J@WYP-X9PLY (replace the two @ symbols with the number 7)

  • Saga of the Great Awakening DLC - 60F%%-LYIYY-G407L (replace the two % symbols with the first letters of the words "H"igh and "D"efinition)

Please reply if you redeem any of them. Happy gaming!

Moonring is a free open-world retro RPG in the lineage of the Ultimas:

GOG is giving away Truberbrook:

I’m never really sure if this belongs in the giveaway thread, or the GOG thread. I guess I could put it in both?

Why do you hate the Bargain Thread so?

I guess zero dollars is a pretty good bargain, now that you mention it.

Hard to believe this is free but here we are:

Moonring is a retro-inspired open-world, turn-based, tile RPG in the style of the classic Ultima games, but created from the ground up with modern design sensibilities.

The world’s geography is hand-designed, but the deadly dungeons beneath the surface reconfigure each time you leave… or die.

Travel, trade, sneak, fight and sail the world of Caldera. Speak with the townsfolk, learn Caldera’s secrets, and challenge the Archon for his throne… or even overthrow the Gods themselves!


  • Large, hand-designed open world
  • An infinite supply of dungeons generated using your character name
  • Over 100 varied enemy types, from fodder to bosses
  • 35 unique Gifts from the Gods, their usage changing with the moon phases
  • Sailing, ship-to-ship combat and boarding
  • A Dungeon Synth OST with over 50 tracks, all made using retro Mod Trackers!
  • A hidden magic system and many other mysteries

91 MB? I don’t have that kind of space on my SSD!

A note from the creator:

Hi folks. I’ve loved RPGs since the early 1980s, and grew up playing games like Lord British’s ‘Ultima’ series and early Roguelikes. This is my love-letter to a style of gaming that has largely fallen out of fashion: with its vivid, bright sprites overlaid on stark black backgrounds, true open-world gameplay, and lack of handholding. The days I spent playing these games were spent in joyful exploration and discovery, venturing into the dark unknown, a co-author of the experience, filling in the gaps left by the primitive art with my imagination. For those of you who did the same, I hope Moonring recaptures some of the spirit of those days for you. For those who did not, I hope that the more modern conveniences you find in this game allow you to catch a glimpse of what we did 40 years ago.

My heartfelt thanks to all who spared even a moment to play this. Please be kind to my mistakes. I will fix them. :-)

  • Dene

I love the idea of a game that captures the feel of those old school RPGs but has a few more modern conveniences - it can be tough to replay some of those old games, since nostalgia tends to paper over some of their rougher elements.

Oh this is a neat surprise.

The Ultima games are still pretty unique in terms of “the world” they dump you in, freedom, and the complete lack of any hand-holding.

Lord British: “Your quest is to become the avatar of the 8 virtues. Good luck, have fun! I’ll be on my throne.”

Where do I go? What do I do? It’s like the anti-JRPG.

The free-form nature of of Ultima is another old timey thing I wish more modern games tried to emulate. Like Outer Wilds on a 286.