Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you should have known about those videos, I updated my original post to clarify what I meant. Enjoy!


Good news, you can have access to it!

The Reddit post for new to Gloomhaven is pretty useful, I’ve found:


Played three scenarios today, I am really getting into the rythm of Lightning Clas. We did the end mission for our Circles’ personal quest, and he came back as Cthulhu Face class.

After the slog with my last character’s quest it is fun to advance the new one pretty quickly, 75% there already.


Finally retired my first character - a level 5 Cragheart. I have to say, I was genuinely sad about losing him. But I unlocked the Cthulu class, and the transition from Cragheart to Cthulu looks almost perfect from a storytelling perspective.

I’m beyond excited to play the Cthulu class, as he looks extremely strong - and based upon the new personal quest, he is going to be with me for awhile.

Has anyone else given him a run? I read online that he was heavily nerfed from 1st edition to 2nd edition - but he still seems pretty freaking awesome to me


Argh, my cragheart is almost level four, and I’ve done zero of the six side scenarios required for retirement. (Though we’ve unlocked four.) I’m so impatient–not because I’m eager to put Miles Davis, Cragheart, out to pasture, but because I’m so curious about the next classes!

Oh, uh, are personal quests spoilers? I don’t think so…


I only shared my last personal quest because it is also displayed in the instruction manual, which happens to be the Seeker of Xorn questline. All I can say is that it was really fun.

Are you not liking the Cragheart? I found that he was a blast once he level 3 or so, as I focused primarily on object manipulation.


No, no, I love the Cragheart. When the wife chose the spellweaver I figured I should be either this or the brute, and I’m really happy I chose this. I’ve been taking a jack of all trades approach (pretty even ranged/melee split, with some environment manipulation/ground control as needed). I don’t have the punch/wow factor of the spellweaver, but have come through in a bind quite a bit, especially with the guaranteed damage cards in a few key places. (Not to mention the ability to take some hits (especially with armor) and then heal.) Plus being able to react decently to almost all enemy actions is really valuable. I’m looking forward to heading back into object manipulation with another level up or so. (Earlier on the Miles Davis trio (me + spellweaver + summon) was really rocking it in a couple, shall we say, self-constructed venues, but she’s moved away from the summon as late.)

What did you do for enhancements? I’ve been having trouble with money but have recently come into some, so now I’m thinking about it.

Also, would people consider non-level-1 ability cards (for a base class like the Cragheart) to be spoilers?


My son has been playing him for awhile now and he’s a monster. Just incredible. Poisons stuff, which is excellent and can really push out the damage as well, but his most impressive feat is when he’s cursing the enemies and we are shuffling several curse cards into the monster deck. Makes a huge freaking difference, it’s just incredible he has so many cards that can do it to multiple figures at once!


I certainly wouldn’t. I look through the whole set when I start a character to plan where I intend to go as I develop them.


So, the most powerful enhancement in the game, from what i’ve read - is adding Curse to Dirt Tornado. You can cast it a few times in a scenario, and depending on how many enemies get hit with it, you can get pretty close to inserting the maximum number of curse cards into the enemy modifier deck.

I, unfortunately, didn’t ever save up enough money to put that on the card - instead I focused on increasing the range of a couple of attacks to maintain map control, and added a move to Rumbling Advance on the bottom, so you can move 3 instead of 2.

What I loved about Cragheart was the fact that you have lots of cards that hit for unblockable damage. Yeah, lots of it was kind of piddling - but when you are dealing with shielded Living Spirits and the like, it is nice to be able to mostly insta-gib them. Beyond that, the ability to create obstacles that cause damage, use those obstacles to funnel enemies, then use the same obstacles to cause even more damage was a lot of fun.


I missed this, but I do not, simply because unlike actual spoiler stuff they aren’t behind anything sealed. Now, I do like to be surprised by my options so I tend to only look one level ahead, but I doubt I’d even remember the options by the time I got there again even if I looked at all of them. Plus you really won’t hit level 9 most likely, not for a long time and almost certainly not with your first character (or two) so why not take a peak after you retire?


Well, that’s quorum then! I think I saw on BGG that people we’re spoilering it, but I think things not explicitly sealed should be fair game as well.


I ordered two of these… I will let you know how it goes.


Curse on Dirt Tornado does sound pretty nice. But it would be 100 gold (50 for curse, x2 for multi-target, I think) 150 (75 for curse, x2), which is a bit out of my price range for now. (As are most other enhancements, frankly.) Also, I play as a duo, so there are fewer creatures around, and I am rarely able to hit even three targets with it (in fact, I even dropped it from my standard rotation when I hit level 3). I think range or even +1 damage on some ranged attacks might be more valuable to me. I am also considering +1 to the push on the one where you push into obstacles for damage (forget the name), as that is another unblockable damage source.

Speaking of unblockable damage, here are my two favorite recent uses: (1) attack a shield-3 vermling shaman for net zero damage (it was adjacent, so at disadvantage, too), and push into a trap for insta-kill (forget the name of the card, the ranged one where you need green magic to push). (2) Bottom of Crater + green magic + speed boots = jump 6 into new room, land between three living spirits for 2 damage each and they go SPLAT. (And next turn is a ranged attack + loot. Man that was sweet.)

Minor side question re 2: Did I cheat by planning my move based on knowledge of where the monsters would spawn? That is, I wouldn’t have used that card if I hadn’t known where they were going to spawn when I opened the door. But, it’s not like that’s hidden information, as it’s in the scenario plan right up front.


We did scenario 3 this week. Started with a road event where we all started with 3 damage at the start. We were all dead within 15 minutes :) Started back up at full health and converged to a corner, and luckily the monsters first cards had them dropping traps. It made a nice funnel and we won on round 9. We kept playing on with respawning enemies so we could hustle to the chest before round 12. We considered this legal. Was it?


The second you meet the scenario goals, the scenario ends… so if you killed all the enemies, then the mission ends


The scenario ends when the current round ends after meeting the goals.


EDIT Nope, I’m wrong,

See p. 33: “Once a scenario’s objective is completed, the remainder of the round is played out and then the scenario ends.”


robc04 is right, actually, and I appreciate he clarifying my post:

Directly from the rule book, pg 33

“A scenario can end in one of two ways: success or failure. Once
a scenario’s success or failure conditions are triggered, the
remainder of the round is played out, and then the scenario ends.”

But, in response to Kadath - you don’t just keep spawning enemies when the scenario goals are met.


Yeah, I found that with a quick search and updated my post while you were typing.:)