Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


I might actually like the “roguelike” idea even more than having it just be a copy of the Gloomhaven board game campaign. The game’s underlying mechanics are strong, so there’s a lot that you can do to play around within that framework. A video game gives you more freedom in that realm than a board game might.


I found much of the fiddliness to be reduced or even eliminated by the Campaign Tracker mobile app, and the Gloomhaven Dungeon Master PC app. With those in place, it only takes me about 10 minutes or so to setup the scenario and get going.


After a hiatus over the summer we have resumed our campaign and tried to finish the “main” plotline before I leave for a research stay abroad for the rest of the year.

Over the last three sessions we have played a series of interesting missions and finished the main plot today. Fun, fun. Still not completely done, still have some Town Record stuff to do, as well as side missions.

I’ll retire my Two Minis after next session. I am considering replaying the Brute as all the classes have been played now, but I am also considering Pyramids.


Do you mean triangles/triforce? That’s what I’m on right now.


I’m still trying to grok this game. In the first room of the first scenario, I killed all dem bad guyz. There are tokens on the floor. The door to the next room is still closed, and thus those bad guyz are not yet a threat.

But… I have few cards left in my two characters hands (playing solo). Do I play out full turns in order to rest and claim the cash before opening the door? Should I be short resting or long resting?

Links, please?


My rule of thumb is to try not to spend more than one or two turns without any monsters on the board. If I have two cards in my hand, I’ll probably try to hop onto some cash and then long rest after. If I have six cards, I might spend one turn landing on some cash and then go to the next room the next turn. If I have four, then I’ll probably just go on, unless the coins are convenient, or short resting in the next room would really hurt me.

For short vs long resting, I started by always trying to long rest–in large part because I had items (armor, shield, and boots) that I wanted to refresh. My second character had mostly single-use items, and not more than one card I really didn’t want to lose, so I ended up short resting more.

My advice to a beginner would be to not stress about the money so much. The game is difficult enough when you’re learning, just focus on beating the scenario and pick up coins when you can. Later on you can figure out how to toy with the last couple enemies to pick up all the coins. And it feels super frustrating how little money you have (or at least it did for me, coming from CRPGs), but just go with it.

Also, don’t know if you caught this upthread, but I think it’s pretty common advice to not play with the extra difficulty for solo play, at least when starting out.


Thank you @ooomalley that is all very helpful. I will push on (and yes, I’m playing solo without the recommended added difficulty).


Sure - I use this app on my PC:

And then this app on Android

There are a number of others floating around, including some web-based ones… but these are the ones I like


Yes, that one. The guy who played it was very underwhelmed, but I think it can work with some more gear.


Scott really hated it.

I couldn’t really fault his reasons.


It seems like it really has to work hard.


It does and in his opinion it’s not worth the pay off for having to do so.


Seems like the general consensus is that it is one of the least powerful ones. I have only played melee-centered classes so far, though.


Spoiler for triangles class:

I’ve only played a couple missions but I’m digging it. (Disclaimer: Never played a spellcaster before.) I started at level six, and took all the perks to maximize the number of elements in my deck; I think at lower levels it wouldn’t be that much fun. I just start with an AoE, hope I draw an element or two, and roll with what I get. (While also being very careful about generating elements intelligently, too.) I find it an interesting combination of careful planning and improvisation.

I just hit level seven, and enhanced one of the move cards with “infuse any”, so I’m hoping to really start picking up steam now with some area murderation. I’ll fully admit they’re were some times where my lightning bolts partner carried the show.


Yeah people seem to think 7 is where the class starts to shine. Which is… a long haul from 4 or 5.


Maybe I’ll revisit when we hit prosperity 7…


Is there a particular reason you use the dungeonmaster app on pc rather than having both on Android for your tablet or phone? I would think being tethered to a PC is a hindrance, but perhaps the PC version is better?


I’ve used some of the apps on my phone, but get annoyed having to unlock it constantly.

Additionally, I play solo and my setup is convenient for me in that context. Things are setup semi-permanent.


Totally off topic, but I’m liking the mask you have on the shelf.


Has anyone had to do scenario 11? My group has tried it 3 separate times to no avail. Has anybody beat it? I think it isn’t done very often because of the choice you have to make to get to it. But I’m starting to feel it isn’t properly tuned.