Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


Watching tonight’s show and it occurred to me, whatever happened to NotBruce? Did he die from having a super short lifespan due to being an experiment of Indian Hill? I seem to remember something like that.
By the way, whatever happened to the resurrected Jerome/Joker?


Jerome was sent back to Arkham to have his face re-attached last season. I assume he is still there. :)

Not Bruce was referred to as 514A in Indian Hill, if I recall correctly. He is still alive, and he escaped from Alfred at the end of last season.

I haven’t seen any of Season 4 yet. :(


This sorta blindsided me as well. Catching up now. One of my favorite contemporary series.


I am caught up, it remains awesome! Not yet-batman wears a puffy jacket! Solomon Grundy!

I wonder how much longer Harvey is gonna be captain?


Saw part of the first season of this and it was too violent and crazy for me. Just started catching the end before Orville comes on, and I have to say, was pretty cool to see all the characters on TV. This is a Batman show now. Penguin, Riddler, Solomon Grundy, all in full comic book costumes.

Also, as others have noted, the actor who plays young Bruce is growing right into the role. It adds an interesting element. If this guy can get semi buff in a few years, he has the intensity to be interesting. The funny thing is the actor has to transform his body the way the real Batman did in the comics, almost in real time. It’s an intriguing concept.

Is it getting better? Did I miss any good stuff?


Yeah the Scarecrow start to the season this was appropriately creepy and scary. :)

Going from Season 1 to now, the show has been dark with comedy bits, and its just great.

Bruce is now as tall as everyone else, he really does seem to be on the path to Batman. If this show was real. ;)


Professor Pyg! And its crazy to have Lee back!

No Bruce or Alfred this entire episode, sorta nice to have a break from his not-yet-batman story line.


I was impressed with what they did there, with the under-the-radar clinic and all. Presumably they’ll work it around such that Bruce bankrolls her activities eventually, once this whole Nigma thing is worked out.


And that is how the downward spiral of Harvey Dent happened. Pyg has been really great this season, they did a great job with one of the more minor enemies in the series.

Bruce has been extremely annoying these last few episodes, he is honing the teen bachelor playboy lifestyle it would seem, and doing a top notch job.


I am caught up, loved the Penguin/Carmine Facone/Sofia Falcone story line this season so far.

Ed is gonna be the Riddler again soon, Bruce still rocking his teenage rebellion phase, and that sweet Jerome tease for when the show returns in a few weeks. :D

Still remains one of my top 10 shows on TV.


Hey its been back on for 2 weeks, I am caught up!

A new Poison Ivy!


I wonder if they switched to Peyton List because the other actress wanted to do something else or whether it’s a comics canon thing that Ivy sheds her outward appearance periodically. I’m not enough of a comics nerd to know (I hasten to add that I’m a super-nerd on many other things).


Also how horrible was that video for the re-opening of the nightclub? :D


I haven’t been keeping up in the last few years, but in the older comics Ivy was known to go into hibernation occasionally to heal wounds or survive cold. I don’t recall face changes as part of it, but it’s not much of a stretch to get there.


I moved last fall, and so missed any television for several weeks. And now, I can’t seem to find the Fall season episodes of Gotham anywhere. Is there something weird about Fox’s contract with the show?


Show continues to be great, love that the Riddler and Penguin are back working together.

Promo for next week’s meeting of villains.


Ugh, I think this show is starting to suffer from some of the English usage faults of other CW superhero shows. In an early scene of last Thursday’s episode, someone actually utters the words “recent going-ons.” W. T. A. F.? Is an algorithm writing this dialogue? Or do the writers just need to crack a book open occasionally?


And the episode that followed the one I complained about kicked ass.

Why do I like the Batman mythos so much? I’m not even a comics nerd…


I’m glad Gotham was preempted by the NFL draft tonight. Now I can make “Dr. Lee Thompkins” my #1 draft choice!



No kidding.