Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


I am 2 episodes behind, I’ll catch up this weekend hopefully. :)


Watching the latest episode I was struck by something: when did Butch’s hand grow back? If I remember right, didn’t Penguin chop it off at some point? And whose hand got chopped off by the Riddler?


I don’t remember if they ever said it explicitly, but I assumed the whole swamp-conversion-to-Grundy thing restored Butch’s hand. And it was Tabitha who lost her hand to the Riddler, but as I recall they saved it shortly thereafter.


These are both correct answers!

I am still a few episodes behind, omg Lee just hooked up with The Riddler! D:


1 more season!


Gotham: Cocoon: “where no one gets any older and no one ever dies”. Except bruce, he gets older. That’s it though. I guess Joker died, well, then came back and then died, and came back again. And the elder Falcone, guess he died. Fish died for a while too, and may be still dead now. I think. Unsure. Hmm, maybe the tag line should be “where most don’t get any older and most who die don’t really”…done.


To quote a redditor: It’s bizarre how hard they work to make non-Batman Batman shows.


Not bizarre at all. Batman is DC’s most bankable superhero and they do not want to spend his mojo on TV. But they still want to bank on the Batman mythos therefor you get things like Gotham and Pennyworth.


I agree and find that amusing, as I’ve always found the villains Batman goes up against to be the more entertaining aspect of the movies/tv/cartoons.

I will say that being able to play as Batman in the video games made me enjoy his character more.


Just watched the finale and it certainly sets up season 5 nicely. I always liked the comics version of No Man’s Land and hope Gotham’s version is better than The Dark Knight Rises.


It sure does, I just finished the final 2 episodes that have been on the DVR forever.

Gonna be a interesting short season 5.


Just finished off the final two episodes of Season 4 last night. Wow, some really huge changes there. I’m glad Fox is going to give them the chance to wrap things up even if it will only be 10 episodes.

And I hope hope hope that Butch isn’t dead!


Season 5… has a 10 year time jump!!! D:


Always enjoy seeing her on most of the shows I watch.


Final season cast photos are up:


No reactions to the Season 5 premiere? I thought it was pretty strong myself.

Loved the scene where Bruce employs night vision equipment. :-) Maybe I’m too easy to please.


I’m gonna miss Tabitha.


Yeah I thought the episode was great and really set the scene for the rest of the season.


Haven’t watched it yet. :)


Crap, when was it on? I never saw any type of announcement or anything.


It was last Thursday night. Come to think of it, I never saw any ads for it either. But my TiVo remembered to record it.