Guilty Music Pleasure


Black Oak Arkansas is awesome, and not even the slightest bit guilty, Jason.


I was having a jape at a thread in which David Bowie, Tegan & Sara, and Justin Timberlake and JAY Z are considered “guilty pleasures”. :D


Or Black Oak Arkansas!


Oh, gosh, I feel guilty today…


This was playing in the background of the new Toy Story trailer. Hadn’t heard in it least 25 years, but was instantly transported back to summer vacation road trips with the fam. It makes me irrationally happy.

Also this:



I had no idea that song existed until Scott Miller’s incredibly winsome, lovely-if-improbable non-guilty pleasure cover:


I had feelings of guilt, or something like it, every time I looked at Ruby Starr.


Back when TV shows had great music intro’s.


Yeah, the band isn’t that great and the singer can’t sing all that well, but this is still a great track.


But this one is the real guilty pleasure:


All of my music is guilty pleasure music, frankly.

(don’t strike me down for the last one, rock and roll gods!)

My modern guilty pleasure music tends to be basically video game music. It’s good to work out to.


Two Trains is a great song, and Little Feat is one of the best American bands! What kind of guilty pleasure is that supposed to be?


Now, see, admitting you like “We Built This City” is the right sort of thing.

I love “Sister Christian.” I remember its debut on DC101 back in the day, and I totally identify with the drug dealer in bikini underwear in Boogie Nights who’s rocking out to it.

What else? Oh, “Modern Day Cowboy” by Tesla. BANG BANG, SHOOOOOT EM ALLLLLLL

“Juke Box Hero!” That song rocks!

Maybe part of the definition of a guilty pleasure for me is that the hipster cognoscenti of my college years would have crimsoned at the very thought of someone saying they liked any of those songs. Maybe it’s whatever jury you’ve internalized that tells you the song is well known to be shit and you mustn’t like it.

I’m proud to say I haven’t felt guilt in many years now. If any of you don’t love the following song, you are a fucking square!



Bug off!

Not that Screamin’ Jay can’t deliver the occasional guilty pleasure:


My mom always liked this song and I remember hearing it when I was growing up. I always thought it was catchy. But as god as my witness, I never put together what the song was about until I was probably into my twenties.


How they talk, man? Inside pie, please


I couldn’t really understand the lyrics, except for “something… something… goose toenail”. LOL

Kind of reminds me of Lee Perry.


Cut the fat off the back of a baboon
Boil it down to a pound, get a spoon
Scoop the eye from a fly flyin’ backwards
Take the jaws and the paws off a coon

Take your time, I ain’y lyin’, for good cookin’
Cause the rest of this mess ain’t good lookin’
Take the fleas from the knees of a demon
Til your pals and gals all come screamin’

To the feast with the beast of the Mau Maus
They make wine from the spine of their bulldogs
It’s a test for the best for who stays
At the feast with the beast of the Mau Maus

Brush your teeth with a piece of a goose toenail
At the death steal the breath of a drunk in jail
Pull the skin off your friend with a razor blade
End tonight, change tomorrow, and bring back yesterday

Shake your hip, bite your lip, and shoot your mother-in-law
Put on your gorilla suit, drink some elbow soup, and have a ball
Get it straight, don’t be late, it’s time for mad fun
Feast of the Mau Maus has begun

At the feast with the beast of the Mau Maus
They make wine from the spine of their bulldogs
It’s a test for the best for who stays
At the feast with the beast of the Mau Maus