Guilty Music Pleasure


I have a rare disease which makes it impossible for me to not sing along to “I Need To Know” by Marc Anthony.





Oasis gad a really driven first album and a singalong good second album. It’s honest but derivative guitar fare.

My guilty pleasure which is really a cop out is Status Quo. But only their first psychedelic pop rock album. Hence the cop out.

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I wouldn’t even count Oasis as a guilty pleasure, they did turn into the musical equivalent of shameless eventually, but we enjoyed it all the way.

Ok, for pure pap, and you can find it on Youtube and iTunes, I give you Paul collier’s “the Man who chose to smile”

For at least some context I saw it backing a vid of a dog that was going to be put down for being aggressive but it was just scared sob.


I have enjoyed Staind’s album “Break the Cycle”, including this song:


Someone say Enya?


Hah good thread I happened to post my secret shame last night on FB. Now I share it with you. I regret nothing!


<Anne Murray, You Needed Me>



You (the royal “you”) can do a lot worse for saccharine pop chart-toppers than “Cruel Summer”. Terrific song within that context, no reason for guilt!




Why would the Monkees be a guilty pleasure? They were a great band. Tons of hits. People have the wrong idea about them. Plus they made one of the ultimate psychedelic movies of all time. Head. Frank Zappa was in it.


It’s those ideas that make me feel guilty.

Porpoise Song, man. I know…




I sometimes try to watch the reruns of their TV show. It’s… hard. The humor hasn’t aged well. But if you understand that they were MAJOR potheads, you kind of understand it.

Edit: Heck Jimi Hendrix opened for them. He was booed off the stage and quit the tour.


The music aged well, IMO. The soundtrack to Head is a masterpiece. Even “Clarksville’s” lyrics (courtesy Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart) are about a soldier on his way to Vietnam. (Clarksville, TN, home of Fort Campbell, home of the 101st Airborne Division).


Oh sure, the music is still spot on. I have most, if not all of their albums. But the wife doesn’t appreciate me setting up my USB turntable in the livingroom and playing vinyl all night.

BTW, didn’t know that about Clarksville. Cool info, thanks.


The Monkees are great. They shouldn’t be anyone’s “guilty pleasure.”