Guitar Hero 5 General Angst Thread

Since we don’t actually have a dedicated Guitar Hero 5 thread – and the game comes out in two weeks on 9/1 – I thought I’d start one.

First confirmed GH5 DLC – all Rolling Stones.

* "Prodigal Son (Live 1969)"
* "You Gotta Move (Live 1969)"
* "Under My Thumb (Live 1969)"
* "I'm Free (Live 1969)"
* "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Live 1969)"

No idea if the DLC is cross-compatible with GH:WT, but I guess it’s irrelevant since GH5 can import GH:WT and GH:SH songs anyway.

It doesn’t matter to me if any of this content is backwards compatible to GHWT – I tried loading that up a few weeks ago and found that I miss a lot of the little engine improvements added in Metallica and Smash Hits. I’m more excited to play all this stuff in the GH5 engine.

As for the DLC … I’m always leery of live tracks. Some of them are OK, but in general, I’d always rather have the original studio versions. Satisfaction and Under My Thumb are nice gets, tho.

Also, word on the street is that the Tool and Hendrix songs are not coming across.

Angst: A feeling of anxiety or apprehension often accompanied by depression.

Is this really how you feel about this game? Perhaps it’s a good thing I never played a GH game, I’d turn into this:

Sluggo, have you gotten a chance to check out the GH5 guitars yet? I’ve read that the strum bars are more rubbery, which sounds good, but did they tighten them up at all (get rid of the excess “throw” from GH:WT)?

I generally prefer the Rock Band 2 vessel for plastic rocking – but I have to admit, some of the features in GH5 sound pretty nice. Like the ability to set up a huge playlist and have it just jukebox away at a party until anybody wants to jump in; at which point they can do so seamlessly in the middle of a song. Or the mode that has ramping difficulty which steps down if you make mistakes and ramps up if you get on a good tear.

Yeah, I got to fool around with them at a press event a few weeks ago. They’re improved over the GHWTars, but I’m still partial to the GH3 Les Pauls for a variety of reasons. I’d say the GH5 guitars are a slight improvement over the GHWTars the same way the RB2 guitars were a refinement over the RB1 controllers.

I should also mention that at the same event, I won one of the new Logitech full-size guitar controllers. It’s actually a pretty decent controller with some amazing craftsmanship, although there’s no way I could ever recommend spending $200 for it. I actually FC’d the Smash Hits version of Beast and the Harlot using it, so it’s definitely functional, but it’s still kinda heavy and unwieldy for hardcore Expert usage.


Didn’t realize it was coming out so soon! Fairly stoked

As predicted GH5 DLC is only compatible with GH5.

Not a terrible blow, but I kinda figured. At least there’s a reason: the “band moments” and expert+ drum skill levels (among other things) are changes to the charts.

In the U.S, those who buy GH5 will get GH: Van Halen for free. Looks like in the UK, they also get GH:WT for free. Amazon UK has the offer apparently. I have to admit, it is pretty amazing how desperately they want GH5 to move copies. I think it’s going to work too. I’m still holding out though. I’ll only bite if they give me a free copy of DJ Hero too.

Yeah but GH:WT is not much of an incentive; it’s so old that it is practically dirt cheap used. And since there was zero use for the code printed in the manual until GH5 was actually released, ANY used copy of GH:WT will work for importing tracks. Heck if you act quick you could probably use a rental copy and get it to work.

Now if they had offered GH: Smash Hits, that’d be nicer.

In summation: AMERICA, F**K YEAH!

Unanswered questions:

How much does Bobby Fuckin’ Kotick want to import the songs? $10 per game? More, less?

Which songs won’t be coming over from WT or GhShits?

Got all month to decide whether to get it or not and get the free VH.

The importing (from GHWT) is 280 MS Points, or about 3.50.

from scorehero forums.

apparently only 35 of the GH:WT songs are “ready” so that might be a partial.

About a Girl" (Unplugged Live)
Are you gonna go my way
band on the run
demolition man (live
do it again
hollywood nights
the joker
the kill
l’via l’viaquez
lazy eye
livin’ on a prayer
love spreads
the middle
never too late
no sleep till brooklyn
obstacle 1
one armed scissor
one way or another
our truth
re-education through labor
soul doubt
sweet home alabama (live)
toy boy
up around the bend
you’re gunna say yeah

The implication is that more are forthcoming, right? That contains only some of the GHWT list that I want. No Ozzy, and no Anouk? Come on.

I’ve not seen a review of GH5 yet. It’s arriving from Amazon today and I’m looking forward to it, but I’d like to read a few reviews while I’m at work. I wonder what the deal is with the lack of reviews on this game.

Now that we know Lego Rock Band is going to have it’s songs exportable, I’m really glad I held out and didn’t fall for the “oh look, it’s so cheap, it would be crazy NOT to buy it” plan for Guitar Hero 5. I’m going to get my “Song 2” from Lego Rock Band now bitches.

It’s not an either/or for me. I enjoy playing music games enough to have both Rock Band and Guitar Hero game, especially since all the hardware is cross compatible.

Well, yeah, but Guitar Hero games make ideal rentals for me since I never have the desire to play through them again once I’ve done it once. Unlike Rock Band, where I go back time and again.

We just go back and forth between the GH and RB depending on how the mood strikes us. Incidentally, I went to Wikipedia and checked the Lego Rock Band track list and saw that it included “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr. I then immediately preordered it.