Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

Sure thing.


Nope. I’m getting this. Ginger_Yellow mentioned the same …


And I can post an image here, just not there on the Games subforum.

Seemed to work fine for me.

Works fine in that same thread too:

FWIW, I’m still having it hang on processing in the FS22 thread.

Weird. It still shows “Processing” for me in every thread, including this one.

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I dunno, I impersonated you and didn’t have any problems. Maybe it’s your browser, delete cookies, etc.

Maybe a file size thing? I did try converting to JPG but it’s still around 600kb.

We limit to 2MB.

Discourse us normally happy to resize larger images itself.

It looks like they did change this recently. Works fine on Firefox.

Posting from chrome:


Posting from MS edge:


I dunno. Clear your cookies, homies.

So what the fuck is Composer Media Organizer beyond a method to kill uploads?


It basically shrinks and resizes images at the client-side before uploading them.

Seems strange that would choose today to wig out unless it was NEW as of today or part of that patch.

I did update just this morning, and they recently enabled that option by default.

Weird that it works fine for me though, even impersonating you guys and using different browsers.

I would appreciate a local image upload resize feature since quite a few times I’ve come to upload or paste something and it tells me I can’t due to image size restrictions. So I appreciate the feature at least.

Well, when/if the Discourse devs fix it, we’ll turn it back on.