Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. It worked on the last phone I had, but oh well. I’ll try to remember just to come to the site using the browser.


It is quite amusing to see quotes broken all over the forum.


You can shortcut a web site, ie the QT3 forum, on the home screen on both iOS and Android. I’m not certain I get the appeal of the app.


I would really like Push Notifs for the forum like I used to have via tapatalk, but I guess that isn’t possible with the hosting format we have going here now :(


Make sure email notifications for direct replies to you are enabled in your user prefs. I noticed @stusser turned that default off for new accounts early on which almost certainly isn’t what he meant to do.

Also @Rock8man where are you seeing broken quotes?


This is what I do. Can’t fathom a need for an Android Discord app, perhaps because this is the only Discord-based forum I visit regularly.


That wasn’t a mistake, I find excessive notifications annoying. If people like them they can turn them on easily enough.

Aside from push notifications, I can’t imagine why Discourse needs an app. It’s flat-out amazing on mobile form factors.


Yeah but not being emailed notifications about direct replies to you when you are not on the website (we always suppress email notifications if you are currently actively pinging the website) is … weird.


A bunch of places. Desslock has two in the Dunkirk thread. I saw a few others that same day, but I can’t remember which threads right now.



Hmm yeah @desslock don’t edit out the trailing [/quote] and save. We’re adding a fix for curly quotes in this specific mistake scenario, but in the meantime, if you make a mistake and save, your quotes will be converted to curly quotes.


I’m not sure why it doesn’t anymore. That’s how all my old quotes on the old bulletin board forum used to be. I wonder if all those are broken now too?


Type > in that scenario, it is a lot quicker.

this used to work

 > this used to work


OK, the quote button not respecting paragraph breaks is now fixed. That was an odd side effect of the underlying HTML markup changing slightly in the move to CommonMark.


Quote tags used to work. They don’t anymore?



CommonMark doesn’t support [quote] tags. (We moved to CommonMark.)


I’m confused why you’d say this, because it does support quote tags. I just used them quoting your post!

It just doesn’t support them when I use them manually, which is doubleplus confusing. What is happening???



Sorry, guess I missed it in the specification I linked above. I should have really kept my mouth shut and just let @wumpus answer, as I’m sure he will.


Quote tags have to be on a line by themselves.

Like this

[quote]Not Like This[/quote]


Like! And bookmarked.