Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


I deleted it, after verifying it posted OK.

If the animated GIF thread is super long too, that’s probably the same problem.


I made a new thread to continue the discussion:

If there are no objections, maybe we could lock the old thread with a note directing people to that one?




Sorry about the bland title.


You damn well should be!!!!!


You forgot (that’s interesting).


Looks like I can’t post to the gif thread. Is there something going on with long threads just now, particularly? Is there a common issue? @stusser


Yeah, maybe. I updated a day or two ago and the problems started then. No further updates available yet.


One day, hundreds of years from now, forum software will be able to handle over 10,000 posts!

(Just teasing I love you Discourse.)


Does it matter if I start a new gif thread? Or is waiting better?


I’m going to try a rebuild – it might pull down an incremental version that addresses the issue.


Ok, I did a rebuild… if you continue to experience problems that are easy to reproduce, let me know and I’ll file a bug report.


Right after posting on another thread.


Still can’t post in the gif thread. 502.


Same here.


Getting errors trying to post my weekly screenshots to the Board game thread. Discord is imploding!


Hmm, that thread is only at around 2k posts, doesn’t seem like that should be a problem.

But in a couple weeks we could start a new one anyway since the current one is labeled Boardgaming in 2018.


Hey @stusser or @clay or somebody, is this a new feature? The system removed my quote of Vesper’s post.

Presumably that’s because I quoted in full the post just before mine, which I sorta understand, but given the choice I’d rather it not do that, or maybe just warn me about it but let me keep it in my post if I want it.

Is this possible to turn off, and if so, do others have an opinion?


I had this happen to me too. I wasn’t a fan. I could adjust to it easily enough, but it seems like a completely unnecessary feature, especially when the post is small.


No no, y’all need to listen to daddy Jeff. He knows best.