Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


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Discourse is the only kind of forum I can manage to keep up with anymore. Two cents from a new member.


That’s a very… conservative position ;)


I mean I’m spending the majority of my internet socializing time on a text-based forum and Facebook. At least in terms of that aspect of my life, I’m practically halfway in the grave.



Switch thread is giving me a 502 now :-/


Checked it on 3 seperate devices here, seems ok. :|


Just came to post about the error with the Switch thread. My post included a link to another site, if that matters.


I’m still unable to replicate. Included a test post also.

Edit: Then I impersonated LockerK and my post failed. What happened is it sat on “saving” for maybe 15-20s, then gave a 502 error.


God dammit stusser, I don’t like boogerwiches.


I think I may have narrowed it down, when I granted your user moderator status I was immediately able to post. Otherwise they failed a bunch of times in a row.

Also @kerzain reported you for being hacked with a bizarre virus that caused you to continually post about boogers. Enjoyed that!


Solution then is to make everyone admins. :)



Dear stusser:


If it’s of any help, I have been experiencing those 502 erros all day on that thread as well.


Not really, already knew it was a problem, but I do appreciate your open heart, smling eyes, and willingness to help. The spirit of charity lives within your heart.


Switch thread is working now but it took 30 seconds or so of saving.


Yes, I managed to post a couple boogers as LockerK without mod rights. It appears to be intermittent.


I just made a change that MAY have fixed the issue.

Anyone seeing 502 errors anywhere after 3:51PM ET today?

Also, looking through the release notes, the last update included larger font sizes! Change them in your user preferences under interface. This appears to be account-wide, so I’m keeping the large fonts themes for people on mobile for now.


Woohoo! Seems to work now on the 502-stunted thread I posted previously. Thanks, Mr. Stusser.

Edit: Font size adjustment is pretty awesome too


Good news! Everybody else, any more 502s?