Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


Oh shit dog, catch 22!



To be fair I kinda started to wonder that as I was typing it up but then I plowed ahead because I’d spent 30 seconds googling my display densities and didn’t want the effort to go to waste.


Solarized Dark Large Font! Finally. Thank you Stusser!


Now the thread titles are bolded on mobile. Is someone fucking with all the text every other day? Just stop.


Those front page updates that Telefrog posts to the forum are buggy on my phone. Not sure how long it’s been happening, but I’ve seen it in several recent posts like these.

The title and date is in a scroll box in image one, and there’s an orphaned /div tag hanging out in image 2.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
Android v7
And tested in the latest versions of both Chrome and Firefox.


I’ve been getting this error over the past couple of days - first at home and now at work another location


Reloading the page will fix it, if not the first time then the second.


Is there a way to view a thread so it only shows posts with image attachments and filters everything else out?

For instance, I want to view the Subnautica thread and I only want to see posts containing screenshots. Can I do that?


Yes, you can use with:images its also dropdown in the advanced search.


Using “with:images” in search, I see a list of posts, but you have to click each post to see the images. Is there a way to get Discourse to give me that list AND display the images as I scroll through them?


So how do I get past this:

There is some sort of restriction of posting the exact same-thing in two topics?


That’s what my scale tells me every day :P

(I’m sorry, that one was too obvious, but someone had to say it.)


All right. I chuckled. No no really, I laughed.


Seems a bit slow lately. Anyone else?


It’s zipping up a backup right now.

Why it’s taking a backup now when it’s supposedly scheduled for 3:45AM UTC, which is 10:45PM ET, is another question entirely. Fuckin’ discourse.


So it seems like lately many, but not all, Youtube videos say not available when clicked on. So then you have to go to Youtube to watch them. Is there any rhyme or reason as to why?


I’ll also note that after vanishing without a trace a few months ago, my least favorite old bug has reappeared: the phantom back button skipped page.

For those who forget:

Visit the (#1) Qt3 forum main page. Click (#2) Latest. Click a (#3A) random thread and read it. Press Back button and return, as expected, to #2 Latest. Click (#3B) Another Random Thread. Press back. End up on, inexplicably, #3A Random Thread, instead of #2 Latest. Press Back again, and end up at #1 Forum Main Page. Thus, when the bug occurs, Latest is “skipped over” in the Back button chain/stack, replaced by some other random link I’ve recently visited on the board that should not be a part of the Back button Chain/stack.

Happens a few times a day now, for about the last week or two. Give or take since the Long Threads issue was going on, or maybe just since it was fixed.


That’s been happening to me as well. Couldn’t figure out how to describe it, but you got it. Thanks!


Did the color of the search- and hamburger menu icons change?


Also the icons on the lower right of each post.


It looks like the last update of Discourse changed some things that nullified our css. I’ve fixed the header icons, not sure about any others yet.