Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

This probably is easy to do. I’ll take a look this weekend and/or if somebody pokes in the CSS and figures out what needs to change and posts it here, I’ll change it before that.

+1. It’s hard to get to unread threads on the mobile app too, without hitting something unintended with my thick fingers.

Your slash is good and ready.

That sounded dirty.

Wait, which Patreon am I subscribed to again?


what happened to my favorite solarized dark big font? or other big font themes?

The ability to control font size is now built into Discourse, on a per device/per theme basis. So go reset it in your Interface settings and you should be fine again.

This is good news indeed! Thanks!!

When did we get the new messages? So and so is new here. So and so hasn’t posted in a while. Any others?

I like those. Neat little features. I’m guessing it’s a recent core Discourse addition. They like the “fostering the community” thing…

Qt3 has not been working for me when accessing from my office. It says Safari cants establish a secure connection. The same laptop, when connected to my home WiFi, works. Maybe work block Qt3, but any other non productive websites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram works. I don’t think my admin purposely wants to spike me from browsing Qt3.

Could the link preview possibly please put a max-width on the preview image? Saw this one blow out in the V:TM:B thread. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines II

What idiot posted that? Also why the hell is it so wide.

poker face

Seems like fairly frequently (and only in the last few weeks) on Safari in iOS on my iPhone will stop displaying the cursor if I’m typing/editing a post and do something to take me away from that screen and then I switch back to it. I just got it to happen again by switching over to Messages and back, though it didn’t happen when I just switched to the springboard and back.

Recently, while lingering on the Latest page in a browser tab, my browser no longer adds a little (#) (where # is the number of new messages I can click the little blue bar to see) to the window title at the front of the title, so it’s not obvious when new posts have been made that I could go back to that tab and see.

It does still prepend the little # when I get actual notifications (e.g., PMs), so I’m guessing they’ve just modified what triggers it to show up. I wonder if that’s a tweakable setting, stusser? And if anyone would mind changing it back to the old behavior?

If not, no worries, but I’ll be a little sad.

Not that I’m aware of, no.

Last time I was told I was crazy, and chalked it up to some weird interaction with my work’s security software and Chrome - but there is definitely something messed up with Discourse’s memory usage. My tab was taking up 1200MB of memory with the next highest being around 400, right back in line after I killed and refreshed. Currently on Chrome 72.0.3626.121 but this has been happening for… a while.

It’s probably keeping all the viewed posts in memory.

Taking up 66MB in Firefox with a tab open for days. Maybe it’s a Chrome thing. A new tab I just opened in Chrome took 69MB, but that isn’t a fair comparison.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to submit a comment? If not, I think it should be ctrl/cmd+enter, like Gmail and a few other apps/sites. I googled but didn’t find anything.