House of Cards (US version)


My understanding was they were leaning towards cancelling it anyway. This may have just pushed them over the edge.


The quality has fallen off, mainly due to the writing.

It was getting Emmy nominations for the talent, but any serious chance of it winning the big prize went away years ago.

This is what happens when you can the creator and visionary and try to keep a TV show going just to keep it going.


This. The show was running on fumes anyways with the last season getting pretty crazy with the plots they were trying to pull off. Pretty easy for them to cancel.


Makes sense then. I knew the quality had dropped off several seasons ago, but I just assumed it was still a hit for them because most of my friends stuck with it.


I had completely forgotten about the new season, but I didn’t really click with the previous season either. Just couldn’t get into it like I did when I first discovered it.


That first season was awesome television. A little trashy, maybe, but atmospheric and mostly serious. The second season immediately went for a silly and apparently plot consequence-free murder.

I lasted until a couple of episodes of Season 3, and I just couldn’t anymore.


Yeah, I too quit after season 3. Still managed to finish it, but it became too silly and soapy for me at that point.


So it is canceled but they still have season 6 to air next year?


Well, they’re ending it. They’re in the middle of filming the last season, so they’ll do these and air them next year and it’s over.


Some link I didn’t bother to click is already floating the idea they’ll have a spin-off. To hell with that.


Still want to keep the cake and eat it,


Stamper??? Fuck that dude. Jeezus, if anyone deserves a bullet on the current show it’s him.


No joke. I think we are in season 4, when he’s very recently back on the wagon again and rehabilitating but just got back in as Chief of Staff. I’ve asked my GF a million times why they keep him as a character. Once his flaws were laid bare, there isn’t really any story there. He’s a shell of the same character from early on.


I wonder how awkward that set is right now. :/


It did not sound like Spacey was there.

Meanwhile, Netflix is suspending production now. They came under a lot of heat of how they’re half-assing this “cancellation.”



Netflix is basically saying it’s all on the production company now.


Well apparently he has come by his portrayal of Underwood honestly.


Someone on Reddit had a pretty good solution.

Just cast someone really impeccable (say, Bryan Cranston). The opening shot of the final season is him at the Resolute Desk, he breaks the 4th wall and says something akin to, “We all know why I’m here.” And then Claire enters the Oval and calls him Frank.


That’s actually kind of brilliant.