How tall are you?


Same. I topped out at 5’11.5 but it sounds dumb to say 11 and half inches. I just want people to know I almost made six feet!

Somehow I managed to be the runt in my family. I have a brother who is 6’3". My dad was 6’1". I have a son who is 6’4" and two other sons who are 6’1", and my daughter is 5’10.5". Yet I was the one who loved playing basketball! I needed those extra inches!


To be fair, my bad habits (and other non-height-related genetics) are going to have a lot more to do with my ultimate demise than my height.




I’m 6’1’’ standing up and quite a bit shorter if I’m lying down.


6’ more or less. Next doctor’s appt. I’ll ask him to check. See if I shrunk at all.


Kinda the same for me. I have a brother 6’3" and another 6’1". I had a procedure when I was 12 that pretty much slowed my growth down. But it’s cool cause I always have had a thing for short women. :)


6 foot exactly


Just a hair over 5’10".


My height depends on whose foot you are measuring against.


You are 6’0” live a little and round up.


Anecdotally, my GF is tall for a woman at 5’8" and she was previously married to a guy who was also 5’8", so she enjoys telling me I’m tall at 5’11" and I enjoy telling her she’s a tiny thing compared to me at 5’8". Just a fun thing.



6 foot something or other? I don’t know.

It would be nice if reaching up to grab high objects for old ladies at the shopping centre will buy us karma points that we can spend to live longer.


193 cm. Which is what, 6,3ft? I’m not sure, seeing upthread that 1.86 is 6.1ft while 197 cm is apparently 5.87ft. Someone must be wrong there…


Absolutely the same. Spinal disc drying is not kidding around, here. Comes bundled with medieval torture levels of pain.
I should have been taller, but I stopped sleeping in middle school, which is why I am guessing I was stuck at that height since my 14 — alongside with disproportionnate 28cm feet.


5’ 10", or at least I used to be. My mom was like 5’ 2" and dad close to 5’ 6".


189 cm - or 6’2" silly imperial (according to Google calculator)


I’m exactly 6’ or 183cm last time I checked.


5’8", which has always been good enough for me, except when playing basketball. (Short soccer players have always been fine, and flag football ends up with a lot of gritty short white slot receiver references, especially here around Boston.)


I performed well in the two high school sports that matched a shorter stature: track and wrestling. It played to my advantages, for sure. In one, it takes a lot of energy to move a bigger body, quickly, in short distances. In the other, you’re literally matched with people your weight, and a smaller body at a given weight usually has a more powerful muscle structure. Leverage comes into play, but there is a lot to be said for sports that cater to smaller people.


I’m 5’7" and a bit, because when I had hair I was easily a bit over 5’8" …

Two of my long term girlfriends independantly called me their ‘little man’, which I don’t think only refers to my height as much as that my build is athletic and therefore very proportional, like I was a perfect specimen, scaled down. I’m not sure I was especially flattered. They were both shorter than me, to add to it.

I’ve always done really well in soccer and hockey, but although I loved volleyball and was generally very good at it technically, boy did I suffer at the net. I could dig and get under the ball more ably than most, though. But basketball, man, screw that sport.