I hate Amazon bait n switch


Aha … I caught one in the wild this time. Last night I was trying to just add some band aids onto an order, mostly because I’m lazy, but whatever, we’re all in the Amazon thread here.

This time, Amazon highlighted at checkout noting that some of the items were not fulfilled by amazon and delivery times were different. This is based on my order date of 12/13. The items note (standard shipping) and gave this, even though marked as Prime:

Further, here is the Prime item noted benefits, directly from Amazon:

I’ve noted my address qualifies as 2-Day shipping, though that is through Amazon.

This vendor, however, is allowing free shipping, but taking advantage of the term, “Prime,” which everywhere else also denotes the speed and delivery date (not range) of said shipped items. I also think, despite it being December, that over 10 days as a minimum for shipping 3 boxes of band aids is … extreme.

Personally I take issue with this, and cancelled this order, and I’m guessing this is the same shit I’ve been running into previously.


I haven’t seen that before. Free Standard under the Prime label. But I haven’t seen this blurb before either on a listing.


They shouldn’t even list it as Prime in those cases.


Agreed. That is some bullshit.


I ran into something like that recently. It was basically a Print On Demand item being sold via Amazon. Actual ship time = ???

Ah, the future :(


I don’t think we got a single item we ordered through Prime in two days or less in the entire time we had Prime, which was a big part of why we didn’t bother buying in for another year. Of course, then my dad ordered something for us through his account earlier this month and had it shipped to us, and that Saturday order managed to arrive on Monday with no problems, so who knows?


I think this is a YMMV, depends where you live, how far you are from a regional center.

My complaint is USPS handoffs. I know they are cheaper, but I really hate missing USPS packages. If I miss that piece of paper I will lose packages.


Yeah the SurePost is a crapshot, and I hate Amazon uses them at all.

If you are a Prime member and you like the membership for other reasons (they offer a lot more than shipping) sometimes you can get credits or extended membership by letting Amazon know they’re not actually delivering within their 2 day promise.


I would prefer they use the USPS exclusively because that’s the only way I am guaranteed to get my stuff. But we’ve had that particular discussion.


We have, but I really do think it boils down to your location and the people working any of the delivery services. My sister has a guy who refuses to deliver to their door because they have a long driveway. He’ll actually lie about trying to make the attempt, leave a blank deliver form and then got a little schooled when they offered to provide the company video footage that shows he never came and never filled out the form. Their mail carrier gets weird when they have a package that wont’ fit in the mailbox and will delay delivering, like hold onto a package rather than take it to the door so there is room the next day in the mailbox.

All three of my regulars are fine. My issue is anything SurePost seems to add a full day because it arrives around 10am the day Amazon says it should deliver but the reality is she’s already out by 10am.


At my new home in Troy, the mailbox is actually still attached to the house (most of my previous homes the box was at the street). Our carrier (I think) thinks he is doing us a favor by putting boxes on the side porch rather than the front porch, so they can’t be seen from the street. A nice gesture, but I never look at the side porch, so stuff can sit there for days unless I’m expecting them and remember to go check.


My phone is dead and Google can’t ship me a new one before the new year.

Found a refurbished version of my phone on Amazon for $100, on Prime, but can’t ship before Christmas.

Found a replacement battery for my phone for $13, on Prime, but can’t ship before Christmas.



Sure Post absolutely adds a day to hand off between services. If it weren’t for that I would love it.


I bought a gift for my Mom from Amazon on Saturday. I wanted to make sure it would arrive by Christmas. The package was on her doorstep on Sunday!

So, sometimes Prime can be pretty awesome.


A different sort of bait ‘n’ switch.


I find it hilarious (ironic?) that the thieves all discard the largest single haul (4 cell phones) they’ve probably gotten.

Though TBF they’re probably older model Androids which don’t hold value.


I found it shocking that in the videos it was so easy to find blatant thieves. Glad my neighborhood isn’t like that. (Knock on wood.)





A very topical story about Amazon.


So it’s time to suck it up and buy something from a real store—before they buy that too.

His conclusion is pretty silly. Amazon is a “real” store. At least as real as Target and Wal-Mart and Macy’s and Best Buy and all the other stores that stepped up their game to compete. I buy from the store that gives me the best deal, and if I want instant gratification, it’s almost never Amazon. It’s the store I can buy from today and get a Pickup at the store, today which is pretty much everyone else.