I hate this guy

Today I am:

  1. Getting sexual harassment lawsuit news
  2. Reading movie reviews
  3. Downloading advertisements to my screen
  4. Trading insults in the console war

I get it all at ign.com.

Some things never change.

And he’s doing all those things with a joystick. That’s how you know he’s hardcore!

He’s only hardcore if it’s an Atari joystick. One button peeps represent!

Gah, my wrists hurt just looking at that photo.

Hope it’s not too late for LOL at this!

Heh, I was worried it was too subtle.

Sorry. The statute of limitations for LOLing at that has run out. Please cease and desist. :)

From Panasonic’s SoundSlayer wearable speaker thing:

Even better:

That dragon is breathing fire right into the dude’s ear:


Perhaps not a bad illustration of race being a social construct…

Oh, no.

This isn’t gaming related, but a friend posted this ad that was apparently served up to her on Facebook. Like, there are layers upon layers upon layers of WTF going on here… and I definitely hate that guy.

Soon to be used by Activision, no doubt, so it is gaming related as well as hateworthy! ;)

I know that whenever I look for a new doctor my priorities are:

  1. Arms that induce romantic feelings
  2. Good hair-smell

  1. Medical expertise

Don’t forget opposable thumbs. He seems rather proud of those…

Yeah, I’m opposed to those thumbs, alright.

You jest, but there is some truth in there. Vis-a-vis medical proficiency, “patient satisfaction” is a notoriously unreliable metric.

Hell, come to think of it, I like my doctor, and I guess I’d recommend him, but I’m not sure I have enough info to judge whether or not he’s a good GP.

He keeps his thumbs to himself, though. So there’s that.