Idiot conspiracy theorists


I think you’re trying to prove too much here. Hicks was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury. If that’s not a witness, then no one has ever been a witness.

Of course she’s free to discuss her testimony with Trump, but she’s undoubtably been warned not to.

Yes, that’s a good point.

That’s not a good point. When and if Abramson reaches Jones’s 11, that would be a good time to compare the two. Now? No.


That her riding on Air Force One equals witness tampering, is however, is the point you are standing for. I would not die on that particular hill.


What are you talking about?

I agreed with you that this conclusion is silly.



So there’s a subreddit for the Q conspiracy folks. Here’s one of their threads on the CA wildfires. I don’t know, I almost (key word: almost) feel sad for these people.


More evidence that people are crazy.




Do we think these are man-portable or vehicle-mounted energy weapons or are we talking an orbital weapons platform?


I saw directed energy weapons the other day! It was like a lightning bolt from the sky.




Yeah, it was crazy. They must have had some kind of weapons platform in the clouds they fired it from. They totally got away with it too, it looked exactly like a lightning bolt. Scary stuff!


Nicolas Tesla never died, and is actually Q.



Hell yes, nailed it. Makes perfect sense.


Millions of years of evolution for atoms to arrange themselves in just the right sequence to obtain sentience and this is where we end up. RNG be broke.



The deep state is trying to make it look like Q is just a con man!





That really is an absurd conservative thing, the need to depict your heroes as ripped. I’m struggling to think of any liberal memes that showed Obama with muscles. Could be they exist, I guess, but I don’t recall them.

I mean, if you google ‘Ronald Reagan muscles’ you get a bunch of cartoon images of a ripped Ronald Reagan. If you google ‘Barack Obama muscles’ you get actual photos of Obama at the beach.