In search of a mouse


I’m currently using the G700, which is fine for gaming. I also like the shape and feel, but, as mentioned, it does run down pretty quickly.

I also have one of those cyborg mice, but, due to the way I hold a mouse, I was constantly clicking the right button by accident. Very irritating…


I’ve had a Razer Death Adder for 3 years now and have been very happy with it. Really like the shape, texture and responsiveness - however recently the middle mouse button has become flaky. Frequently it just doesn’t respond and I need to really click hard multiple times to get a response.

Obviously I’m very disappointed and am considering my options. I’ve googled around, and the middle mouse button problem seems to be rather common on this mouse. After 3 years my warranty time is over, so thats not an option.

So now I’m kinda torn. Ideally I’d just get another razer mouse (hopefully one with a similar feel to the death adder), but now I’ve lost my faith in their brand a bit…

Whats been the experience here with their mice? Should I give them another shot or rather switch over to Logitech’s G400 or G500?


The G500 is very nice, but if you really like the profile of the Razer, you may want to test one out at a store first. The G500 has a pronounced “rise” in the middle of the mouse compared to Razer’s products. Some people like it. Some don’t.


The G500 also has a weird texture on the side panels. Not a deal breaker, I’m using one right now, but unusual. Very rough.


I actually like the texture of the material since it all but eliminates the sweaty plastic thing that many mice and game controllers suffer from.


I’ll head to the store today and check out the Logitech mice and see what they feel like in my hand…


I just ordered one of these for Diablo III. I’ll give a full report once I’ve used it for a little bit.


Amazon has the Proteus Spectrum G502 for $60 today, an all-time low. I have the Proteus Core G502 already and love it; the Spectrum is an updated model with user-configurable RGB lighting, if you care about that sort of thing.

I just picked one up for home, and plan to take my old G502 to work, replacing a somewhat-wonky Performance Mouse MX. Wireless mice blow, I’m a recent convert to wired, and the G502 is excellent.


Wireless mice rock for laptops, especially the Performance MX, which doesn’t need the dongle.


I’m in love with the Zowie EC2A I got recently. If you imagine a Deathadder, then make it smaller and lighter with a nicely flexible cord and amazing tracking you’re there. No screwing around with shitty drivers and software bundles. Set up the dpi with the button underneath once plugged in and off you go.


Wireless for laptops you actually move around, yes, definitely. Otherwise, I just can’t be bothered with replacing batteries or charging. The only mouse without that problem is the Logitech Marathon mouse, which gets like a full year of constant use with a single set of batteries, but I strongly prefer the G502’s ergonomics. I would use the Marathon mouse with a laptop, though.

The G502 can completely store its configuration inside the mouse-- this includes button assignments, DPI, and even RBG color schemes. So you don’t need to run the Logitech software at all. I like it a lot more than their non-gaming “setpoint” software.


Still rocking my M510. The batteries last about 6 months even if I don’t turn the actual mouse off. That’s with basic Duracell alkalines. YMMV.


Thanks Stusser! i’m now enjoying my new discount G502!


On the other end of the price spectrum, anyone have any experience with cheap but nice looking Chinese-brand Amazon mice?

Search for 'gaming mouse’s gives lots of options that appear well reviewed.



Looking at this. Any ideas?


I bought that about a month ago – no complaints so far and the thumb rest fits my (slightly small) hand well. Really missed having the two scroll wheel settings (click and free scroll) when my G9 kicked the bucket a few years back.

I do wish RGB wasn’t the new fad, but seems hard to avoid these days in gaming peripherals.


I switched to G502’s across both home and work. Love that mouse.


I wish I could get used to it. I have a G502 at work and a G500 at home and I just can’t get used to the G502 for some reason. It could be that I have a different metal mouse pad at work and a scarab pad at home that I really like, but the G500 just fits my hand so much better it seems.


Still using my G9X , the best mouse Logitech ever. It is a crime that it isn’t still being made.

I picked up a G500s a few weeks ago as a backup, its not as good.


I have a G602 from July 2016. 3 months, batteries still okay. At work I use a cheap basic marathon mouse (503?) The Marathon batteries do last a very long time, about a year. It’s not like the old days where the battery would die in the middle of an MMO raid.

I no longer use the same mouse because I figure the more difference between both mice, the less RSI that will develop.

G602 seems identical to G502 save for being wireless.

I only use two of the side buttons, which I programmed to internet browse as back/forward buttons. Not much more to say, it works.