In search of a mouse


You should be able to insert the weights into that slot to make it heavier, but you need to keep them in the cartridge (with the holes) that they came with.


Do you see the button with the little arrow on the bottom of the mouse? Press that and a drawer will pop out. You can then place weights in it and slide it back in.

6 - 1.7 gram weights were enough for me. Of course YMMV.


Good God, Lemon!


I see it, but no drawer pops out. It’s just an empty space. Of course I would get the one that’s missing a piece…


did you buy it used and missing the cartridge?


Well that sucks. Send Logitech an email, maybe they’ll send you one gratis. What do you have to lose?


Even if they make you pay for it, it’s got to be dirt cheap … with $19.99 shipping, lol.


I honestly was all over the Logitech website trying to find some kind of solution. I stopped at actually sending in email to support or phoning. While I didn’t see anything about exorbitant shipping charges I have no doubt that it’s very possible. But I’d get in touch with them anyway, divorced.

That is assuming that you bought your mouse new.

Good luck.


divorced has to be the most inept with hardware from his posts here. i’ll admit i’m the worst with game drm though. logitech shipped me a new g500 in the last month when mine stopped working. came with extra set of weights and everything.


Is it possible, assuming a newly purchased mouse, that the little tray was thrown away with the packaging? Along with the instructions?


So, this exists.

For the low, low price of $130. Does that make it the most expensive corded mouse ever? It’s $30 more (list) that the non-MMO version, but the non-MMO version can usually be found for under $80, so that’s really a $50 price swing.



At 6400 DPI, I think I could send the cursor flying across the screen if I just blink hard enough. Think of the post-modern art you could draw in MS Paint. “I call this one, ‘Cutting Onions.’”


Not sure what ever became of divorced other than his recent toothache crisis.


I did indeed buy it new at Best Buy. Yes, I guess I am indeed missing the cartridge. I guess I can contact them tomorrow, what do I have to lose?


wow, thanks dude…


I just ordered a Mionix Naos 3200. I’ve got a long history of wrist and thumb issues. I had to really decrease my gaming for a long time, but between ToR and the Tera beta, I’ve been back at it pretty good. I’m having some hand-cramping issues and decided I really needed something with support for my 4th and 5th fingers. I use a Nostromo with my left hand, so I don’t have a need for 50 buttons on my mouse, and the 3200 seemed like a good fit for me in terms of ergonomics at a not-insane price point.


How are wireless mice for gaming these days? Are they hampered by significant lag compared to wired mice? Also, how’s their battery life on average? From what I gather, they need to be recharged quite frequently.

I was at Best Buy today during my lunch break and saw a wireless keyboard by Logitech that recharges itself through solar power. I presume you’ll never have to manually recharge that puppy, which is very cool. Are there any mice that recharge themselves like this? I’m guessing no, but it can’t hurt to ask…


While there are solar powered mice out there, I believe that they are few and far between. FWIW, Logitech makes a mouse called “Marathon” which is supposed to run for 3 years on a single battery. Here’s the combo package.

ps - regarding wired vs. wireless mice for gaming, I only use wired so I can’t speak to any lag times, but I know plenty of people who like the wireless approach.


I had a G700 and had to recharge it every 2 days.


I have that marathon mouse; I believe I actually posted about it earlier in this thread. Strongly recommend it.