In search of a mouse




For those of you looking for a nice bluetooth mouse for those new macbook pro’s I think I found a pretty good one that is priced right:


The MS Notebook presenter 8000: bluetooth (works just fine with the built in bluetooth, no dongle needed), laser, has all 5 buttons (though the forward/back buttons are on opposite sides), and the scroll wheel is smooth (still has some friction but I prefer notched). All 5 buttons work great (with steer mouse). Even the volume buttons work in presenter mode.

Also, it’s smallish like a typical notebook mouse, uses 2XAAA, and has a dedicated on/off switch. Comes with a carrying case too.


Just got the G9. That middle mouse is really hard to click. Any way to adjust it?


Not really. That’s my one big beef with the G9. The wheel works fine as a wheel but as a button, not so much.





Time to add my 2c.

Just ordered a VX Nano for work. We’ve got lenovo laptops as our primary machine so I decided to go with something a little more portable. I have to say so far I’m pretty impressed with it. Surprisingly comfortable for it’s size(tiny!) and the freewheeling scroll wheel is really neat.


Yeah it is. And the “wide grip” could be a little wider on the thumb rest. It doesn’t even approach the MX Rev’s generous purchase.


Gamestop has the G9 for $25 - sold out online, but you might get lucky and find one in-store.


I love my G9. I was using a Razer Lachesis, but it had a tendency to make the palm of my hand hurt after prolonged use.

I also recommend the G5 as it has a very comfortable feel - great for extended gaming sessions.


Bumping this useful thread for the Bargain Thread mouse peoples.


I have a Logitech MX-518 that I truly love. It’s finally showing its age though. It occasionally just stops working. This morning it worked for a while then I got a message that my “USB device was not recognized, please click to fix the problem” which I thought was kind of funny. Like when you get a “keyboard not connected, press F1 to continue”.

So I’d be interested in getting a new mousie as well.


I have yet to see any mouse compelling enough to drag me kicking and screaming away from the MX518, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the thread over in the Games forum too. It’s just a solid piece of equipment for what I need.


Yes mouse discussion in hardware, where it belongs! :D

Its only been 2 hours, but really loving this G9X mouse , I maxed out the weights 28g, am using the silky grip, and the cord is nice and long.

I am gonna unpack my G500 mouse soon, and give it a try.

My new keyboard is also working well, the G110’s keys have a nice feel when pressing on them. Anyone have any good use for the extra 12G keys on the keyboard?


Ugh, people with nice, sexy mice make me hate my desk setup even more :-/

The height (not adjustable) is just slightly too high to be comfortable for my arms, meaning that most of the time, my mouse arm is angling up to the desk, cutting sharply at the wrist. Can’t push it back further on the desk because of an annoying “shelf” thing that forces my second monitor very close to the front of the desk, so the positioning stays.

It mostly means I can’t comfortably use anything but the absolute flattest of mice, as otherwise, the angle makes my wrist start to go nuts after 30-45 minutes. Bought an MX518, loved everything about it except the pain it caused (and it’s not exactly the tallest mouse on earth), and had to swap it out for a much less sexy, albeit functional, MS mouse :(


I shilled the Razer Deathadder in the other thread and want to reiterate my man-love for it here even with having both the G9 and MX518 on my other PCs.

I’ve also learned in my 2 year search for the perfect mouse that personal mice preferences are very unique, so take any recommendations with a grain of salt.


Yeah, the MX-518 is the mouse that I measure all other meeses against. It’s tough when I have to work on a client’s computer and all they have is one of those (shudder) two button mice. Eww. I’m constantly looking to either accelerate the damn thing or use the thumb buttons. Hell, some people don’t even have a wheel on the damn thing. What is this? The fucking stone age?

These are the same people that leave the task bar on the bottom of the screen. Hey folks, wake up. The task bar should be auto-hide on the top for maximum screen size. And where is the rest of the stuff that you click on? The top. What’s with the task bar on the bottom crap?


Seeking recommendations.

I’ve been using a Logitech wireless keyboard and MX700 mouse for a godawful long period of time. I love them both dearly. The keyboard goes through batteries about once a year, while the mouse is rechargable and the battery lasts all day. I have never had any complaints about them.

That said, they’re getting long in the tooth, and, with the opportunity to procure a new desk looming in my future, I’m looking forward to shopping for a new keyboard and mouse. Any suggestions? I’d like to keep things wireless if I can, since I have come to love my wirelessness. I’ve gotten old, so the minimal lagginess wireless introduces to twitch shooters isn’t really a problem for me.



I’m currently using the logitech g700 in wired mode. I really like the extra buttons and the shape isn’t too wacky. The micro receiver stores inside the battery compartment which makes it rather convenient when you want to go wireless with say a laptop.


I was in a similar situation, not long ago. I used a combination of a monitor arm and keyboard arm to effectively eliminate my desk from the ergonomic equation. From your description, I’m guessing that the second monitor’s base occupies your desired mousing space? If so, take a look at the various monitor arms available. They allow your monitor to float above your desk so that you can use the desk space under your monitor. As a bonus, you can position it to the exact height and depth you need to minimize neck and back pain, and you can swing it out of the way when you aren’t using it. Or you can try a keyboard arm to get your mouse to the proper height. If your keyboard is already at a comfortable height, there are also a bunch of different mouse platforms that attach to your desk or chair that may solve your problem.