In search of a mouse


Unfortunately, it’s more of an issue of the annoying shelving unit (I previously used it as a printer stand till the printer broke, to give you an idea of its sheer size). This thing occupies most of the back-right corner of the desk. With the main monitor to the far back left (aside from speakers behind it, I can only “angle” the secondary monitor toward me to avoid the shelf, putting its base exactly where the mouse would normally go. The alternative would be having the mouse on the far bottom right corner, which would leave my arms hilariously splayed out :(. What I really need to do is disassemble the whole desk and remove the shelf, since it’s bolted on somewhere Below, but apparently I’m lazy enough to cause RSI instead. . .


Seems that my MX-518 has a common problem with some older Logitech mice. It stops moving and then the USB disconnects for some reason. This is intermittent but enough to warrant replacing.

I’m liking the looks of the G-500. Anybody use it?


Many people. It’s excellent, like the G5 only better.


I’m using the G700 wireless. Yeah, it burns through batteries if you keep it set to a high polling rate. But I find that if you simply swap batteries rather than trying to futz around with the charging cable every two days, the hassle is negligible. I have a battery charger right next to my desk, so when the low battery indicator comes on, I just reach over and grab a fresh one.


Just ordered the G-500. Now If my present rodent will only last until it arrives.


G500 is quite nice, basically an upgraded G5. When my G5 v2 died prematurely Logitech sent me a G500 for free. If you liked the G5 you should like the G500.


Just got the G500 in the mail. It’s beauty. I put all six of the 1.7 g weights in and that seems like plenty to me. I notice that, since I’m used to doing it with the old mouse, if I zip the scroll wheel too fast it “stutters”. But since I don’t need to do that on the G500, it won’t be an issue. The texture on the side panels feels, gritty I guess. I’ll get used to it.

Looking forward to finally get back to WoT and other games.


Arise! (wait, was resurrected not long ago…)

I’m in the market for a gaming mouse, but I don’t really do a lot of gaming. It’s just that my neighbour has the DeathAdder and it feels soooo goooooood…
So I looked into the gaming mice section, and there are so many brands! You guys mostly talk about Razers and Logitechs in here. Has anyone tried the CoolerMasters, Thermaltakes, Cyborgs, or others? I’ve almost bought the Cooler Master Inferno yesterday.

And on a tangent, I’ve been using an MX510 since forever. How much better was the MX518 compared to that?

I should mention that I would like my scroll wheel to have high resistance clicks. I hate the Logitech mouse with the switch to change the wheel smooth scrolling modes, because its clicking mode is barely noticable.


I am on my 3rd G500. I love it. Logitech sent it to me for free after my 2nd one died. First one I gave to a friend.


Is this for MMO/FPS gaming? It makes a difference if you need to map a bunch of commands to keys.


Both. I use alt-shift-control modifiers and it’s enough buttons for me. I really hated the G700 when I owned it briefly.


I never play MMO, so I don’t need 15 mouse buttons. I thought I can use more buttons than the thumb back/forward, but I noticed that I never used the 3 buttons around the mouse wheel of my MX510.

@rei: LOL the G500 wheel is the one I am specifically complaining about for the lack of stiffness. If it wasn’t for that, I’d pick it up for sure. But this is personal preference.


Razer Naga, nothing like a 10-key on the side of the mouse.

Works for MMO, works for fps weapon-switching.

Pretty handy since wow and tf2 are all I’ve played lately.


I just bought a CM Storm Inferno, mainly so that I can stop wasting time reading gaming mouse reviews. And it’s not outrageously pricey.

I haven’t used it in a game yet. At work, it does the job very nicely. Scroll wheel has soft clicks that’s slightly stiffer than the G500, and it’s twice as wide as most other wheels. I love this part. It’s also taller than my previous mouse…I’m palming it now, where I normally use a fingertip grip.


That mouse looks interesting, but for gaming I’ve grown to love the left and right tilt scrollwheel buttons that my Logitech G700 mouse has. And unlike you, I love the scroll wheel feel on the Logitech mouse, and the free release button for zippy scrolling.


Has the trend for left/right tilt gone away? I have a number of logitech mice over the years that have this feature, but most gaming mice doesn’t have it.

It turns out that I normally rest my wrist on the desk when I hold the mouse, because I don’t do it anymore with my new mouse. I don’t know if I like that.


I have a Razer Naga that I both love an hate. I love it for all the buttons. I hate because they’re too small and too hard to reach. Do I have big hands? I don’t know, but only the first row of thumb buttons is comfortable to click. And then only the top two (the 2 and 3 - though I sometimes use the 1). The second row is slightly less comfortable (and again, only the top two buttons, the 5 and 6. I never use the 4). The third and fourth row are very uncomfortable, in fact it’s almost impossible for me to bend my thumb back far enough to hit the buttons on fourth row.

So of the 12 buttons, I can only comfortably use 4-5. Sigh. Such a waste. They’ve made the Naga Hex, but I’m sure I’d have the exact same problem with the 4-5-6 buttons.


TIL: My G500 has left and right tilt on the scroll wheel. Damn.


Laser tracking, so I’d use a hard, flat surface. It won’t track well on a cloth pad, despite what the product description says. Try to keep the DPI under 2000, or it will be wildly over-sensitive (unless you’re playing an RTS). In all scenarios, disable Windows’ “Enhanced Pointer Precision” (an acceleration toggle) and keep sensitivity at the 6th notch from the left. Basically, any other notch diverges from a 1:1: ratio between mouse movement and on-screen mouse cursor movement. This can create unexpected and irregular behavior. EPP is on by default, if I recall correctly, so there’s an adjustment period. It’s a holdover from when most people used 800 or even 400 DPI mice, and the things needed to be lifted, moved, and set down again to get the pointer across the screen.


I bought a Logitech G500 and for the most part I like it. It came with a set of weights that I have no idea what to do with. I see an empty slot on the bottom of the mouse (which actually is a little light for my tastes) but don’t see anything to attach the weights to.

Anyone else have this?