In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


I wonder if it runs afoul of the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment (IANAL nor a Constitutional scholar - just speculation).


So, did the democrats go along with this change, not realizing what was in it?
Even if it’s 3am, you need to read bills before voting.


This was a huge budget bill that they had less than a day to review before having to vote on (because it was written behind closed doors by that ruling Republican party here). From what I understand the final bill was passed on a party line vote.


It doesn’t really matter, unfortunately:

Upper House:

Lower House:

Our saving grace is the new Governor, Roy Cooper, who is a Democrat.



Right now, there are tons of folks flipping out about how Gorsuch is a cuck and tricked them.


If the Dems gain 3 seats in the state house, or 6 in the state Senate, Cooper’s vetoes can stick in 2018.

would take massive gains to give Cooper a majority.


I read that 2 Dems voted for it not knowing what it was.


I think if I were a legislator I’d have a standing policy of always voting no on any legislation that I hadn’t had time to read through. I’d probably also get opinions from lawyers, relevant policy experts and so on.


Downside being that the “midnight dump of budget legislation” is a grand longstanding tradition in North Carolina politics, stretching across both parties when they were able to dick the other over. Wouldn’t take much to game your high-minded stance into voting against, I dunno, free dinners for homeless vets or whatever.

Which is dumb, but North Carolina politics is dumb. So fucking dumb.


You know North Carolina has to be a shitshow when, trapped as I am behind the Zion Curtain, I can look at it and say “Okay, so things could be worse”.


Ah, such lovely reps we have.


Going for those deep Anti-Duckling pockets.


The big duck lobby strikes again.


Senator Tillis of NC collapsed during a race in DC. They were giving him CPR and rushed him to the hospital.


Holy cow, I’d not even heard this new yet. Confirmed via Twitter.


Those three men are American. . . well, not heroes, exactly. American, err, somethings. People, definitely. American people!


There’s no denying the people who did the CPR are deserving of recognition. Being prepared and able to use CPR to save anothers life is always a noble endeavor.

They also probably had no idea who the person was.


It’s ridiculous that those three individuals took it upon themselves to thwart God’s will so flagrantly.


I’m glad they intervened to help, even if I despise Tillis. Let’s hope he retires due to poor health or something.