In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Someone should tell yon news outlet about the wonders of CSS.


I have yet to see the proposed budget, but we know they killed education spending needs, teacher raises, and now apparently funding for this.

What exactly ARE we spending money on?



Wow, they sure gave Starbucks the business.


Take these several hundred dollars!

Too stupid to even boycott.


They did get press coverage and they were peaceful. I’d even say they were friendly enough to buy some coffee. I give them kudos for that. I wish more people protested like this.




It’s the Southern way.


After overriding the gov.s budget veto, and doing more defunding of the Democratic office holders, they have now started impeachment against another. In this case, they get to combine their hate for immigrants with an attempt to unseat a Democrat in office. She licensed DACA/dreamers as notaries in her former post, and they surfaced a right-wing hate blog talking point to claim they are not legal residents and therefore she violated the law.

It’s all naked partisanship now. No working together or attempt to be seen as working for the good of all, just crushing anyone with a D by their name, take their power and money away, laugh in their face, consolidate power and rulemaking for the next election, and hide safely behind a high gerrymandered fence which protects you from voters power.


It’s the blueprint for what they’d like to do at the national level.



Okay, story time. My dad was a NASCAR fanatic from the golden days of it when he was quite young. As he got older, he had different favorites. Petty was huge and my dad loved the guy. I have a memory of a time when he took me to meet Richard Petty, many years ago. I was maybe five or six years-old. We walked through his shop and got to talk to him for a bit. It was a fun moment with my father.

And none of that, in any way, makes me think we need to give the guy money for his shop. BUT, this reads more as the same things they do for any business they are trying to encourage these days. “DEM JOBS,” is the driver behind what is sometimes baffling thought processes by lawmakers.

Remember Chiquita in Charlotte?



From here, the Federal Court upheld the redistricting:

The new ruling will not impact the composition of the Republican-dominated legislature this year – the court did not order new elections ahead of the 2018 midterms, something that Democrats who sued to overturn the lines had sought.

But it will force Republicans who run the legislature to draw new lines at a faster pace. During oral arguments earlier this month, the judges questioned whether legislators had been taking their order to draw new district lines seriously.

“No but seriously guys, can anyone here draw? Okay then, we’ll just wait until we get someone who can draw.”



All of the crazy racist democrats became republicans around the 1960’s.


Party of Lincoln though!


Although not the whole story there for sure, Democratic leadership was not kind to Blacks and Black voters in North Carolina, historically. Things are much different now, so it is entirely disingenuous for Mr. Woodhouse to throw that out there, when it is now HIS party that is trying to disenfranchise the Black vote in our state.

For a pretty decent history:


My main issues with any politicians trying to talk about their party’s greatness in the 1800s:

  • That was over 100 years ago.
  • The parties have changed radically, except in name, since the 1800s.

It’s like me talking about how awesome I am because my Ancient Egyptian relatives built pyramids.


Show off.