In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


So how do you defend a new election still featuring the guy who purposefully cheated? He should be on trial, not running in an election.


Yeah, I don’t see why they don’t just nullify the result and award the seat to the highest non-cheating candidate. I assume the GOP put some laws in there to protect themselves when they’re caught cheating.


On moral grounds? I can’t.

On pragmatic grounds? If they re-do the election and Harris is still the GOP candidate, he’s gonna get smoked like a salmon at brunch.


I’m surprised this isn’t getting more attention… at least it’s hitting the mainstream fake news now.



There are so many ways we are winning here in NC, right @ArmandoPenblade?


This council was created in 2015, and its goal is to boost young people’s interest in hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. It’s funded by voluntary $2 contributions people make when they buy hunting and fishing licenses.


Guys, young people have way more fun shit to do.


Mr. Penblade, he of rural Tennessee. Hast thou forgotten what it means to be poor and in nowheresville? Cannot thou not quoteth Country Boy Can Survive?


I try desperately to forget it every day :-)


And verily I say to thee, you may taketh a boy from the country, but not country from the boy.

Think upon this as you recite 10 Hail Rurals.


Well this is some messed up shit


Does that law actually require that one particular party control the elections boards? That seems… Implausible.


"“In the even-numbered year, the chair shall be a member of the political party with the second highest number of registered affiliates,” the bill states

Statewide elections are only held in even-numbered years. North Carolina actually has 2.7 million registered Democrats, and 2.1 million registered Republicans.

Can’t find the actual bill though. This seems very strange if that’s the actual wording.


Look, all the ODD number years, a Democrat gets to chair it, so it’s totally fair! It’s like the national GOP budget plan, the Repubs make the deficits, then the Dems come in next and fix it.


Wow. The Republicans don’t even try to hide it anymore. It’s only going to get worse. Shit like this creates even more of a partisan divide.

I see things like this and it pushes me towards extremism. It’s not good.


Les Dowless is going to be going to jail.


God, I hope so.


From your keyboard to Dog’s ear.


"She said she never thought it was illegal because Dowless “has been doing it for years.” "



I can see it for the collecting part. Most people don’t know the details of absentee ballots or the like.

The best part is she’s now evidence he’s been doing it repeatedly.