In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


§ 163A‑766. County boards of elections; appointments; terms of office; qualifications; vacancies; oath of office; instructional meetings.

(a) In every county of the State there shall be a county board of elections, to consist of four three persons of good moral character who are registered voters in the county in which they are to act. Two of the members of the county board of elections shall be of the political party with the highest number of registered affiliates, and two shall be of the political party with the second highest number of registered affiliates, as reflected by the latest registration statistics published by the State Board. In 2017, members of county boards of elections shall be appointed by the State Board on the second Tuesday in July. In 2019, members of county boards of elections shall be appointed by the State Board on the last Tuesday in June and every two years thereafter, and their terms of office shall continue for two years from the specified date of appointment and until their successors are appointed and qualified. Not more than two members of the county board of elections shall belong to the same political party.

So it is, or was. It’s such bullshit.


A little further down it mentions the crap about the election chairs and the 2nd highest # of registered voters, etc.

As if Republicans aren’t loathsome enough, now this bullshit too.


This seems bad. Is this bad?



My man red af



Oh man, see, @Navaronegun, you were right! Now all the NFL talk had to move to the North Carolina thread. :D


Makes as much sense as anything else…

Now I gotta find the button that mutes even callouts for P&R. I have everything else muted…


This NC-9 shit stinks to high heaven. But I notice deafening silence from the usual suspects who hyperventilate about (almost entirely non-existent) voter fraud. Funny how that works.

It couldn’t possibly be because all that hyperventilating is really about something else, like keeping “the wrong sort” from voting!


Yeah, where is Trump in all this? Can you imagine if it were reversed and it was a Democrat winning by likely fraud? Trump would be tweeting about it every day. Fox would be running headlines about it every day.

So how can Trump supporters and Fox News fans not see it? Clear voter fraud on the part of the Republicans in N. Carolina yet they say nothing? Where are the Russian bots! :)


Oh, well the joke’s on you guys, because the GOP is now rolling out the argument of, “see, we told you there was voter fraud! This is why we need voter ID!”


We had to commit a crime to show you there was a problem. That we created. But there it is. Oh, look! A scary Femenghaziemaillockherup!


Jesus goddamn christ I hate these people so much I’m going to give myself an ulcer.


That might enhance the “quality” of your eventual McConnell grave visit.


With all this chatter on the interwebs I bet the security at McConnell’s grave is gonna be at “border between former East and West Germany” levels. More’s the pity.


Armando sometime in the not too distant future:


Dowless may have a cellmate. Wow.



Nah, it’ll be way worse than that. Think how it was by the early '80s, with canines on lanyards attached to overhead clotheslines, daily freshly raked Earth, anti-vehicle trenches, sensor-activated machine guns, etc.


It’s just a new spin on the old “Government is wasteful and ineffective, and if you elect us, we’ll prove it” argument.


Sadly, there will be people stupid enough to believe voter IDs could have prevented this. Election fraud != voter impersonation.