In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


But as Malathor is quick to remind us, Dems are the one and only reason racial problems still exist in the US, dontcha know, because Lincoln, the first Republican President, “freed the slaves” and thus fixed everything forever on that score. :rolleyes:


pretty sure this is not a joke, but it’s hard to tell

(for clarity, this is the official state Republican party tweeting a quote from the hearing today, from a witness who admitted to gross criminal election fraud on behalf of Harris)


What do you want to bet Republicans do this everywhere they can?


Well, it depends on the result and the consequences. This hearing was just for the state board of elections, and their only power is to refuse to certify the result and call for another election. If that is the only consequence, then yes it seems like a good idea to cheat at every opportunity, and if you are caught, just try again next time. Hopefully we will still hear from the SBI with some more serious disincentive…


Bonus LOL: Dallas’ twitter profile is literally
@NCGOP Executive Director. A proud Conservative who believes in the rule of law. RTs do not mean endorsements.”


Oh, Dallas Woodhouse.

He has always been the Ann Coulter of the NC right-ish (ex-Libertarian orgs too). Well for at least a decade. Nothing is too inane, or out there, and the more attention he gets the louder he’ll say it. I think he has also found this pays well, and he doesn’t even have to write books.

Or maybe more like Ann Coulter’s love child with a drunk, bad, prop comedian.


I’d argue we’re somewhere around the Depression right now. Not Civil War bad yet, but potential to go there unless the next Dem president is an FDR-level leader.


Answer: because they like fraud when it means their guys win.


Honestly, “voter fraud” is just a dog whistle. Voter fraud to the Republicans that shriek about it mean illegals voting and black people being bussed around to vote multiple times. It’s the GOP establishment wetting themselves that the Old White Guy bloc isn’t enough to carry elections alone anymore. They see the shift in demographics, the diversification of the country, and it scares the shit out of them. So shout “voter fraud!” and depress the vote so that we can get American back to what it should be: run by and for the whites.


Apologies if this was posted… did a search, no hits.

The balls on these guys… We know voter fraud is real because we’re doing it? That’s really what they’re going with?


Black and native (and a people of those mixed) Democrats, in that county is who they suppressed. That area would have a lot of people that self-identify as Lumbee native population, who like the better known Cherokee intermarried with blacks in the NC area.

So to the dog-whistle folks, and yes the “voter fraud” thing in NC is absolutely that, these people should be suppressed as not only may they be black but if they have “white parts” they aren’t really white. I’ve personally been on the receiving end of that from some older people. There is also a fair amount of new Hispanic immigration in the rural areas there, from a (Hispanic) relative who worked down that way recently. So it really is a near perfect target county for the bigots to suppress without much guilt.

In the last presidential election the expected pro-Dem turnout from Bladen and counties like it in the eastern “black belt” in NC was statistically marked. It may have been the single biggest statistical factor in costing Clinton the state from the county level deep dive data I saw. I doubt it was all blatant illegal acts like this one, but blanket media ads and other legal targeting was and is absolutely part of the NC right plan. Much of it done by out of state money, but most with ties to Pope (Art, not “the”). Some of it was done quasi-legally via ballot eligibility challenges and voter roll purges (like Georgia/Florida have done). But all tools are applied to keep the vote down in these eastern areas, and the Dems ignore at their peril, many assuming rural = white MAGA only.


I gather that the state election commission investigating this is majority Dem, and the evidence seems overwhelming that there was fraud here, so why can’t they just call for a new election, and everyone pays attention this time? What’s the holdup?


No, it is 50/50 rep/dem I believe.


I think it’s 2 Reps, 2 Dems, and 1 Independent, selected by governor (each party gets to pick a list of who the Governor can pick)


I get what you’re getting a,t but a lot more should happen than just a do-over here.


Well, they’ve obviously got to throw the book at the GOP operative who orchestrated the election fraud, that goes without saying. Or do mean something else?


A problem of this scale, I expect several people to get hit in the noggin with a book, several more to have nothing else to do but read books in prison, and if any candidate was involved to be ineligible from running, ever again.

You say without saying but… the fact this even happened is pretty darn extraordinary.


I don’t think there is any legal mechanism to force this. It’s perfectly legal for convicted felons to run for office, even to run while in prison, and the system relies on the will of the voters to handle it.


One of the Dems “had to resign” since he had social media comments negative to Trump. No really. Read article. I am not sure who replaced him.


I’m not talking about just any convicted felons; i am talking about people involved in rigging the election. Don’t act like this is just any ole crime here.