Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way


I have not, but reports are it’s very good because it uses the newer kind of net code (GGPO) everyone is clamoring after, so it should be a solid experience, but most reviews haven’t had a chance to play online yet (IGN, for rexample, is doing a “review in progress” for now until they can play online in a real-world setting).


Yeah I still don’t trust anything except first-hand experience at this point. I heard so much about how good SFV netcode was, but even outside of the netcode there were tons of problems with the interface and loading times that made it godawful to play online. I’m optimistic, but I’m not going to buy this until I get confirmation that the online experience is everything it is hyped up to be.


Probably smart, if multiplayer is your primary play style. I’m more a single player guy, so it doesn’t matter to me (at all, in fact, I just realized as I’m not a PS Plus member I can’t do anything online, I bet) but if I read anything relevant I’ll pass it along.


I just ran into a “beginner’s guide” from Gamestop. I’m skimming it now, but I’m so far outside of the fighting game “loop” that I think I better read this before I dive in. I only just learned what Meter Burn was from someone casually mentioning it in a video, for example.


Aris does the best fighting game commentary. I loved his commentary on the Mortal Kombat XL final at Evo last year.


Flash probably has the best first season of the four shows (Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl). But season two of Flash was okay, and the current third season is pretty dang stupid.

Arrow took a while to hit its stride, but its second season is the single best season of any of these shows. Now on its fifth season (which is probably the best the show has been since season two), it averages out to the best overall. But it’s still got its own clunkers (season 3 was its worst, season 4 had a charismatic villain but problems of its own).

Supergirl, the character as played by Melissa Benoist, is great, and a huge draw for what can be a very inconsistent show too. It’s overcrowded with characters and subplots—which is true of all of these shows sometimes, but I feel it more here. It’s in its second season, and it does connect occasionally to Arrow/Flash/Legends, but most of the time it’s in its own universe (since it didn’t air on The CW in season one, its crossovers were limited and needed more negotiation in the first season).

Legends of Tomorrow is mostly about characters that spun out of Flash and Arrow, so it’s only recommended for people who can’t get enough of this universe. It’s first season was also awful. It recently finished the second season though, and the improvement from season one was impressive. I hope they can keep up the momentum for season three.


I pretty much agree with all this. Legends might have been the best Arrowverse show this season, desite a strong Arrow season, though that may be just due to the leap in quality. I didn’t think season one was awful though, but I agree it was the weakest of the shows airing last year. This year, I’d put it in second place, right behind Agents of SHIELD.


I’m definitely not as down on certain seasons of these shows as @WhollySchmidt is, but there are great episodes in all seasons even if you don’t enjoy the overall arc of a particular one. What I love about all of them is how they pluck stuff out of the DC Universe and put it up there on screen, often in a unique and believable way. I have to sit there with my phone for all the wacky references that appear out of the blue on Supergirl especially. It’s all so damn entertaining.

Given how barren our childhood was for stuff like this, I refuse to get negative about any of the Kreisberg and Johns TV universe. It is ALL far better than any Superhero TV that’s been done before save the other operating programs from Marvel right now.


I wanted to like this post so much, but I cannot. :( But I agree, individual episodes are a better measure than entire seasons, and from that point of view Arrow has more of the episodes I’ve liked than any show except Agents, which has been telling amazing stories episode to episode in serial form since the half-way mark of season 1, mostly. I love it. But the big thing about the Arrowverse is I really like almost every character on every show and that’s pretty awesome.


I’m catching up on Supergirl right now. We’re way behind on Legends, Arrow and Supergirl this season. We watch The Flash in real time each week. Supergirl does so much with the DC aliens that I never in a million years expected from that program. I just love it. They all have their unique appeal. The Flash is speedster central. Legends is like Time Tunnel on steroids. Supergirl is alien city, and Arrow is gritty street level thuggery with some ninja assassin stuff thrown in for good measure. It really feels like comics on the screen with something for every walk of life to latch onto.

As you say, the best thing is the characters are all likable, and the villains… I mean, jeez… when I think of all the incredible characters they’ve brought to life on these shows often with actors of rather high caliber. Wow. I really don’t want it all to end though I know at some time it will have to. We can’t be this lucky forever.


Okay. So my perk of being a west coast dweller didn’t quite pay off last night as I spent most of it downloading while watching a recap of Injustice 1 (pretty darn good for a fighting game story). From the helpful comments here, I’m going to check out Flash tonight.

As to Injustice 2 (based off of brief play that was stollen from much needed sleep):

It’s much prettier and seemingly more fluid than MK games. I was able to actually finish the tutorial which included concepts that are usually way above me (cancels, bounce cancels, meter burn for roll, etc). Each piece has a video that you can watch and rewatch at the press of a button. It even pauses and glows to show your critical timing on punishes. Props to NRS on this. Can I actually use this stuff? Probably not. But I am at least aware of it, can recognize it, and have something tangible to work on.

From watching streams and having been walked through it in the tutorial, I can see some vibrant changes that were not in the last few games. They have gone a bit more nuts with zoning and threat range, while also adding lots of mobility, escape, and cancel options. Both sides making heavy use of the main meter. It’s probably beyond me, but as a fighter, I can see this one having a much better high end reception.

I was just writing to a friend. I see Injustice as the anti-SFV. Just in my short tinkering, I was drawn (way past bed time) working on daily quests for Underoos loot boxes while leveling my Scarecrow to level 2…until I saw I needed a level on Cheetah to use that new gear… It was drawing me in, not pushing me away. As a non-competitive, non-fighting game dude! And the flluidty or the tutorial or something had me feeling like I could actually do cool stuff while working on this almost MMO sort of lizard brain stuff. Again. Props to NRS.

Also, and this was true of Injustice 1, I think their fighting meters are cool. All games have all these confusing meters that build or are spent doing high level fighter dude stuff. Injustice has this. But it also has another meter for each character that is some cool hero thing that only that character can do. I was playing Scarecrow and he could use a DoT aura or fear gas specials using his hero power. When the second meter filled from these gas attacks, he could do a screen wide fear stun. Cat Woman has a random chance to build up “cat scratches” on basic attacks, then she can spend any saved up to add extra hits to a combo string. Batman uses his hero meter as bat-a-rangs that can be a damage shield or projectiles. Each is unique. It brings the hero theme to focus on each character way more than a fire ball or hurricane kick.

Basically, so far, it’s…fun. Whether it is a quest, a level, or wanting a loot box for more gear, the game is drawing me in rather than pushing me away. Currently, I look forward to more tonight rather than feeling regret over buying another fighting game. And that is not a small accomplishment for Injustice 2.


NRS uses GGPO now, so you should be safe. (same netcode as KI and Skullgirls)


Bleh. I wondered why I hadn’t gotten an email about my order shipping from Amazon so just contacted them and it turns out they over sold the quantity they were provided, so I’ll get one “when more come in” whenever that might be. I could have cancelled the order, but then I’d miss out on the pre-order bonus which I actually am interested in (Darkseid!) so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, fuck you Discourse. @wumpus my last post was 10 hours ago. I mean, c’mon.


You go girl!


I see someone is a little sensitive about their pet topic! Lighten up, Francis!


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You might say a great … injustice has been done here.


Much better!


+++ Awesome that there are character specific tutorials. I hate always being required to wade through internet message boards to figure out the basic gameplay of characters in fighting games. The tutorial seemed pretty good too, teaching combos and key moves and when you should use them.

— Darkseid is a pre-order only character? Super lame.


Every major 2d fighter has character specific tutorials. Tekken probably won’t though.