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You can still do it, just have to jump through a couple more hoops. You can still use them on your phone as well according to Apple. (I only skimmed both articles because I really don’t care. Didn’t even know people still wanted to this.)


The next paragraph explains that you can still sync apps and ringtones. You just can’t download them from Apple.


According to the support article, you can still download them. Maybe they just don’t sell them anymore?

Seriously, I haven’t heard anyone use a song as a ringtone for years. Is this really important?


No, it’s endemic of lots of design decisions Apple makes, but I shouldn’t continue to crap up the iPhone thread w my annoyances. I’ll be out there looking for dongles if anyone needs me.


I didn’t even think it was a big deal. Huh.


So switch to Android, you’ll be happier. (Not saying I disagree, they do some silly stuff, but this isn’t one of those cases for me.)


I have a few ringtones that are important to me, that I made myself by importing iTunes songs into garage band then transferring to my phone. Is that something you’d still be able to do?


Per the support article LeeAbe linked above, it looks like it’s still possible by shifting files around manually via iTunes.

I’m with you. Sounds are important, and along with wallpaper they’re what make a device mine. My default ringtone is a Portal turret going “Searching…. Hellooo? Are you still there?” that I put together in Audacity. And goofy though it may be, I’d miss hearing Minsc yelling “BUTTKICKING for GOODNESS!” when my gaming group coordinator calls.

I’m so close to hopping over to an iPhone, but oy, the storage markup, and iTunes.


I’ve had an iPhone for 8(?) years and haven’t used iTunes in at least 6 years. It’s not really needed much anymore. We use Apple Music and just create playlists on our phones and iPads. We use two Sonos units for home audio.


Lol, my phone’s name is “Agent P” and my text alert is Perry the Platapus chittering.


Heh, I’m still devoted to curating a portable music collection, ripping oddball CDs, etc. An all-in-one ideal for me would be a 128 GB iPhone, plus non-shit software to manage the sounds. I really like Apple’s hardware and the iOS environment.

I understand MediaMonkey (?) can actually sync music with iDevices now, though it needs iTunes installed to do it. That just sounds rickety as hell, though.

I know, right? It’s such a little thing, to be so satisfying…


Not exactly iPhone 8 related but Apple can go hump themselves with a sharp stick. I have an iPhone 5s. I do not keep up with the mobile tech much and I treat my phone well so I rarely need a new one. I went to update some apps recently and got the message that my phone is not compatible. It seems that Apple released a new OS some months back and decided to make my phone obsolete. So now I cannot download any updates or any new apps because they are all updated for the new OS. In their infinite wisdom, Apple decided to not let existing customers know, keep the older apps available or make any provisions whatsoever. This is not the same as a version of Windows being released because at least I could always go buy the older software. In this case I have a phone that only operates based on the existing apps and any failure, reboot or any issue requiring a reload makes it a brick.

This does not entice me to buy a new iPhone. Android, here I come!


Are you sure you don’t have a 5? The 5s is still supported in iOS11, as it has a 64bit SoC.


I thought it was a 5S but it could be a 5. It is a bit over 4 years old. It really does not matter either way though. Apple, in their infinite wisdom, decided that I do not matter as a customer any longer. I understand their need to stay current in the marketplace but they really need a better system to not screw over existing customers. My phone has nary a scratch on the screen as I take care of it. But at the same time, I rely on it extensively for business travel. That means apps like American Airways, Marriott, Uber, Expensify and the like are mission critical because if they do not work it will make my business travel much more difficult. Thus not being able to update it is a very short-term solution.


If it’s an iPhone 5, that’s a five year old phone. You’re lucky to get two years of OS support on android. Apple is far better than Google in that regard.


@granath, here’s my advice to you

… to a new phone. It’ll be so much better. Let 2012 go. Join us here in 2017, it’s kinda awesome. The camera alone will be worlds improved.


Don’t all those apps still work though? The old versions of apps don’t stop working do they? The updates you can’t get, you don’t need anyway, they are taking advantage of new features and the faster phones of today.

Why can’t you just go on using your phone as is?


Tempting as that may be, it’s not Apple’s fault. Apple requires apps now be compiled to 64-bit, but developers can choose to still compile them for 32-bit as well. The decision not to do that is the developer’s alone. They likely looked at their customer base and decided that the revenue they receive from 32-bit-only customers did not justify the expense of supporting older devices.


Yep, unfortunately for people like Granath, they are a tiny minority. Most users upgrade, so there is little incentive to support the people who don’t. From Apple:


He can’t upgrade, as iOS 11 is not supported on 32bit SoCs. Same reason I put my otherwise perfectly functional iPad4 in a drawer.