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I believe the price dropped to $349.


This is a cross post from my thoughts on the iPhone 8 from MacRumors.

I was giving some thought to getting a 128g 7+, but I’ve come around to getting a 64gb 8+ instead. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • I have a 64gb 6+. There is 14g free. I don’t have it downloading full-size photos, and there is 14g of music I probably don’t need. I don’t need more space.
  • The 8+ has the better camera, and the primary reason I want to upgrade is the better camera.
  • It has the True Tone display to make it easier to see outside in the sun. This is handy for reading books at the beach and other places I might also bring my Kindle.
  • I don’t think the jump the X is worth it. Most of what it seemed to give me was more gimmicky. I’d like to see FaceID get another couple of revisions before I get it.
  • I got 3 years out of my iPhone 6. Frankly, if it show in RAW I would probably still keep it. I think I can get 4 years out of the 8+.


Reasoning seems sound, video recording would be the only gotcha on 64GB for most folks I would imagine, unless you are some kind of giant app addict.

I opted for the smaller storage iPad Pro and it is almost a no brainer there, I record video and photos with it … never.


I record a couple minutes of video of me at my train club at the most.

And then, I’m assuming they get offloaded to the cloud if I don’t download the fulls.


I just have to point out that having (and enjoying) a better camera is going to result in you using more storage. In my case, at least, a lot more. Just sayin… the 8+ and the extra storage sort of go hand in hand.


Google Photos squashes most capacity related problems.


I don’t store the full size photos on my phone. I take a ton of photos on my iPhone even now. Even then I’m ok with 64. The 14g of music — all Of which is on the cloud — is the first to get the whack anyway.


I want an Apple Watch 3, but I don’t need cellular (not at $10 a month at least). So I go to see what I can get, and all the new bands etc are on cellular only models. Guess I am waiting. I might as well just go get my battery in my v1 replaced and buy a new band, since there isn’t a huge improvement in hardware.


AppleCare+ on the X costs $199… ouch.


oh snap


That tweet is some bullshit


The cult of Apple rolls on.


Speaking of iPads…


Aww seriously? Raising prices +$50 for the same iPad Pro? Lame, Apple.


And the UK price is up £60! I know sterling has fallen off a cliff, but it’s not that bad.


Rumor has it flash storage price increases are the reason for the increase.


I’m using a 6 Plus now. I think that’s like 3 years already. Still happy with it but man, I lust for the X. It’s just so beautiful. And having two young girls is a great excuse to have the best phone with great camera. That price though - ouch… for something that might slip out of your hand and break apart. I’m just not sure about that. Yet.

Edit: it seems the X is slightly bigger than 7 but smaller than 7 Plus? I kinda like that footprint.


Yea I’m totally nervous about the idea of the phone braking. I have my 5 in a case and has been its whole life. It’s in great shape but for something like the X you kinda wanna see it out in the open.

And I’d imagine with a single fall that guy will crack :/


I suppose the glass is scratch resistant? When I had the iPhone 4, I went without a case and it was all good. I think the X will be slippery due to the rounded edge but I’d think the glass is able to resist scratches, no case needed.


That’s my main concern with the X, I really like the large screen size on the plus models. Vertically the X is larger, but it’s unclear how that compares in square inches.

Glass doesn’t scratch unless you’re going at it with a very hard tool. It cracks and breaks.

When I get an X I’ll get a midnight blue apple leather case. I love their leather cases.