Is Discourse a little schizophrenic today?


I’m seeing some weird behavior on the forums today. I have been aggressively pruning my unread topics so the number of unread threads is in the 60s. However, after a while when I refresh the count, it says I only have (2) unread. The after a bit it says (10). Or some other number. And after a while the count goes back to (65) or wherever it was before. And now it says I have no unread. This is over the course of 30 to 60 minutes, FYI.

This is all on my iPad, not switching between devices. Any idea what’s going on?

Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

Yeah, this has been happening to me too, on desktop Firefox, Windows 10. Unread has been fluctuating wildly.


Same here for the last 3 weeks, at least. I PMed @Clay regarding it and he suggested I ping @wumpus.


Screenshot please where are you seeing this exactly


Yeah, I’ve had this in the last few weeks, but not today. I usually have a butt ton of unread topics. Sometimes I come in and it says I have none. I refresh like a madman, but it doesn’t change. I think: I’m going to have to write someone about this. But then the next time I come back, I’ve got a butt ton of unreads back.

I think it’s happened like two or three times. Enough that I don’t freak out and think about writing anyone anymore. They always come back.

Next time it happens, I’ll get a screen cap.


@wumpus where am I seeing this? In the hamburger menu when I pull it down to get to latest/new/unread. I can show you what I’ve seen this morning but am not exactly sure what pictures you want (I shrank these to 1/4 original size, but I think they’re still readable):

qt3 0620am

6:20 this morning: only about 1/3 of my ‘normal’ unread are there. I browsed a couple of threads and things appear to be decrementing normally.

qt3 0625am

5 minutes later. More unread show up.

qt3 0726am

an hour later - this count seems like the real one.

There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason.


Oh my god, I just realised I’ve never clicked the hamburger button. I can go straight to unread, new, latest etc. without clicking the house/back button.


With Unread showing (3) in both the main screen and hamburger menu, I click on one of the Unread threads. After reading the new posts in the thread, I click Back and then Refresh, and see this…

Yet going immediately into the Games forum displays this…

…where the remaining (2) Unread threads are shown.


I’ve had a few times this morning where I’ll click on a thread, read a dozen-ish new posts, click on a new thread, and see that the posts I just read are showing up as unread again.


Here is my screen cap with only 4 unread posts.

I have way more than four. When the rest come back, I’ll edit this post to add a new screen.

Well, that didn’t take long. But I only have two more to show…

Oh, wait. Just kidding. Back to four…

When I posted the second screen, I realized I had “new” selected, so I took the screen again, with unread selected and the total dropped back down to four.

And now we’re back to a respectable 30, but that’s still not the right total.

And a refresh gets us back to about where it ought to be…


About an hour ago:

Just now (despite numerous Ctrl + F5 refreshes):


Then clicking on Unread:

And there’s still a lot missing from this!


Let me do a full command line rebuild and see if that helps.

But only people who regularly carry 60+ unread topics are seeing this? I clear my unread, either by reading them until the last post, or moving them to “normal” state so I am no longer tracking / watching the topic.

edit: OK rebuild complete. See if that helps?


Nope. I’ve experienced it with only 2 unread threads.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure I have less than 20 unread total.


Let me know if it keeps happening after the full rebuild.


It just happened to me after using Chrome’s Back function to return to my Unread screen.


And just to check in, does anyone else get the weirdass “Back button actually takes you somewhere other than the last page you were actually at” behavior on Chrome Android?

I’ve mentioned it before previously, but it’s ludicrously hard to replicate, but it’s been happening a lot the last few days.

To re-cap, the flow is generally:

Click Latest
Click Thread A
VIEWING THREAD A (and possibly shitpost in it)
Press Back
Click Thread B
Press Back

Somehow, the back behavior “skips” Latest View and resurfaces another page I was recently reading (e.g., Thread A in this example). Pressing Back again actually takes me all the way back to MAIN FORUM PAGE, skipping Latest entirely in the sequence. It’s as though THREAD A just “replaces” it in the stack of viewed pages in my browser.

It doesn’t happen more than 5% of the time, and no threads or views seem to cause it to occur more than any others; it feels completely random.


It happens to me a lot and it seems to happen more the quicker I’m going through the pages.


I think I see your problem 🍞


I’m gonna chime in and say that the numbers problem in the original post seem to have cleared up - I haven’t detected any issues in the last 12 hours or so. Will keep my eyes open for any problems though.