It’s the 20:20 movie frame game of 2018!


That is indeed famous White Man™ and fiend for Mojitos Colin Farrell in Miami Vice. He has as little chemistry with Li Gong as he does with Jamie Foxx, which makes for a very unengaging movie despite some rather cool individual sequences and shots.




Over to you @Skipper!


I felt the same, the movie wasn’t bad, it was just, fair to middlin’, as one might say around here.

I’ll have a new frame up shortly.


The new 20:


That is Revenge. I just watched it last weekend.


Correct you are, @Matt_W!

It is Revenge.

The 40:

The 60:

The 80:

The 100(ish):

A semi-decent revenge horror if you like them like that.


That last shot is awesome. I enjoyed the film quite a bit–once I suspended my belief the required amount. The phoenix tattoo was a bit over-the-top, but you just have to go with it:)

I’ve had this next one ready to go for a couple of weeks; shouldn’t be too hard.

The kind of vision I don’t have (20/20):


Short sleeves with overalls? Is that Tucker and Dale vs Evil?


That’s what I thought too, but that one has been done already.


Argh. I thought I checked thoroughly. How could I miss it?!?!?

Yes, it’s T&DvE. Now I only have shame.

And even though they’ve already been posted, here they are again:




Over to you @SadleyBradley


I’ll let you take a mulligan if you’d like! Otherwise, I will try to have some frames up tonight.


No worries. I don’t have anything ready to go. You’ve got the talking stick.


New frame! It might be guessed before I’m done making the rest of the frames!


I’m going to feel like an idiot for sure once revealed


Black Panther


See I don’t think so, but that’s because I already looked at that one for frames so know what that 20 is.

Unless we timed it differently

But I will go Captain America Civil War


It’s possible that we did! I was going off the Netflix timing because I’m a filthy millennial who doesn’t own physical media anymore. Anyway, it’s Black Panther. Someone’s gotta do the easy ones in between the grandpa movies.






@Matt_W, take it back!


Should have gone with my gut reaction! Which was ‘that has to be T’calla’


Ok, I’ll get something up later this afternoon.


Me, looking at that frame: “Why does that seem so familiar?”

I see your answer. “Oh yeah, I saw that a month ago.”

Seriously, I can recall full scenes from older movies, but I see something recent and blank out.


Scratch that one, all the other frames would have to be blurred.